Trulieve vs. Aphria products

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Oulde Tymer, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. It’s been a while since I ordered from truelieve, but happily they had 25% off for Memorial Day so it helped with their higher cost. I just really wish they would get rid of the delivery fee.

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  2. I agree. Trulieve's products are better, in my opinion, but that $25 delivery fee hurts when you can get free delivery from other stores. Hopefully they'll get the idea and get rid of it.
  3. Hey,
    I'm a bit confused. My pain management dr in Jax. Has said that I qualify for an Medical card, but I thought Fl. Was only doing low THC for muscle spasms and pain management.
  4. Florida does have high thc products as well as cbd products available. One thing Fl did was ban the smoking of weed. A judge just ruled that unconstitutional and soon we’ll be able to buy weed without it being in a prefilled vape cage. In the meantime there are lots of concentrates available, as well as dry herb packaged to vape.
  5. Those cans from Curaleaf are packed too tight! You don't vape herb packed together!

    Air must be able to flow through the herb. Their Banana Kush is decent. The cans just unscrew... duh.

    Only issue I have with Trulieve is that they extract with Butane and not CO2. There is good and bad you can say of either but by and large, CO2 is the future.

    The Trupods are great, for the Trustick. You can easily refill them with their oil or anyone else's.

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