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  1. UK: Web: Drug Charge Britons Face Death Penalty
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    Pubdate: Tue, 13 Mar 2001
    Source: BBC News (UK Web)
    Copyright: 2001 BBC


    Five Britons are due to go on trial to face drugs charges in the United Arab Emirates ( UAE ). Three of them, charged with importing drugs, face the death penalty if found guilty.

    The Britons are being tried as a group with an Australian woman and a Lebanese man.

    Together they face a variety of allegations including importing, possessing and using cocaine and hashish.

    The case is being heard in the Sharia court in the traditional and conservative emirate of Ras al Khaimah, where the accused have been held in prison since their arrest in Dubai in November.

    Anna Bartlett, 22, from Southend on Sea, Essex, admits importing cocaine and hashish but denies any intent to use, sell or trade them.

    Fellow Briton Stacy Simpson, 28, and his girlfriend Anne Kidd, 32, both from Leeds, deny collaborating with Ms Bartlett to import cocaine and hashish.

    He also denies possessing, selling and using cocaine, hashish and other tablets.

    Ms Kidd also denies possessing and using cocaine, methadone and morphine.

    Katherine Jenkins, 29, from South Wales, an Emirates airline stewardess, from Neath, south Wales, denies possessing cocaine.

    Australian defendant, Heidi Dabour also denies the charges of cocaine possession and use against her.

    The fifth Briton, Daniel Maalouf, 28, a Londoner of Lebanese origin, admits using hashish but denies possessing and selling hashish and cocaine.

    Lebanese national Abdul Hamid Dandashi, 25, also denies charges of using drugs.

    Three judges - an Egyptian and two Saudis - will preside over the case.

    The trial is expected to continue for several weeks.
  3. The only thing you missed as far as the links go is a common courtesy of including them from the place where the text was copied from.(That you aren't taking credit for someone elses work ,and at the same time you're supporting those who come up with the money to afford the same.)
    Hashish is made from cannabis ,and death is forever.

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