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Alcoholism True Terpenes Viscosity: What the Mineral Oil?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by mook2420, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. So apparently on another forum there has been quite the hullabaloo about a few people taking it upon themselves to test True Terpenes Viscosity product (multiple labs and batches) and they claim there is ZERO Terpenes naturally derived or otherwise in the product... well damn.

    Here is a link to the post with the last update I could find about it all:
    International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums - View Single Post - True Terpenes VISCOSITY extract liquifier LAB TESTS: Mineral oil but no terps!!

    Here was True Terpenes response:

    Potentially, regardless of the original intentions of testing and the subsequent response from the company the whole thing may have exposed some information indicating True Terpenes was less than forthcoming about what's actually in their proprietary blend?

    I say this with a question because I am still reading over the thread I linked, it is quite an interesting rollercoaster.

    I have only tried the Viscosity product once myself. In the past I have personally used other liquidizer products, PEG not MCT, although never really found any of these solutions to be fantastic.

    I stumbled upon a Reddit thread taking about the whole drama a bit ago and have not seen any posts about it here at all so I started this one to hopefully bring about some discussion!

    Any thoughts?
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    I ran across this information as well on reddit. It does not surprise me at all.
    Not specific to MJ terps, but plant based terps in general....if the company isn't freely providing periodic data sheets from accredited testing agencies, how you gonna trust it? I wasn't even thinking about terps, adulterated vape cartridges, or that I was already using high quality essential oils apart from MJ that are also very effective and holistically valuable and viable medicines.

    Recent discoveries here on GC and elsewhere have me very curious to delve into this further. What, if any, true unadulterated MJ terps are extracted and sold? Even the seeming reputable terp dealers are disclosing that they are using terps to mimic MJ strains in their concoctions. Not one plant grown will have exactly the same terp profile with quantifiable percentages. The growth cycle of the plant, the stresses, the ideal situations, all contribute to the output of terpenes. These guys used NoNE and now what???.

    Sorry to go off on a bit of a rambling tangent. I meant to reply to your query yesterday but got caught up on the site you quoted, and haven't even read the thread in question! haha. Thanks for posting this though, I really am digging in on the whole terpene thing.

    And now, I gotta run off. But please, why is this tagged as "alcoholism" ?
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  3. I've seen reports that terpenes are so volatile that trying to retain some of them need below 40 below zero, anything over that and they evap... I doubt we are that sophisticated yet to work correctly with those volatile agents. not all terps are as volatile though and can be handled @ room temp
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  4. Yeah, I see it all the time with essential oils and hearing isn't there poisonous levels of chems in those? Capturing essence in a frozen bottle only to have it dissipate as soon as you unscrew the cap? interesting .

    One thing with these terps is I can imagine people adding a bit to old weed to give it an air of freshness...but the fresh terps might give it a boost as well? Win, win, or win, loss? I know I read some "first-hand reviews" of exactly this scenario, but this is just the beginning of my interest in this.

    Still haven't had time to read the OP terps thread over at ICM...but it's a busy week. Happy Father's day to all the Big Papis, sperm donors, baby daddy's, and father figures alike.
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  5. smelly terpenes can bio-direct how the High works. they start the metabolic process , prepping the cell for more cannabinoid metabolism . Entourage
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  6. Smelly terpenes...aromatherapy. Yes, indeed.
    The effect of specific oils can be somewhat consistent from one person to the next, yet anomalies occur. The terpenes create a synergetic response based on the individual's own chemistry? Hey, is an interesting article about this....I was struggling with my own interpretation, but I guess I really may understand this better than I first thought.

    Terpenes and Aromatherapy: A Synergistic Combination - Terpenes and Testing Magazine

    Traditionally sedative, calming effects of oils like lavender, chamomile, frankincense and vetiver tend to be very different for me. I get a great feeling of euphoria from vetiver, and it makes some of my friends want to pass out. I diffuse many different oils while enjoying the ganja, but always go for vetiver. All vetiver, all day! LOL

    Vetiver Terpenes have a very grounding and earthy aroma. Highly beneficial in conditions like trauma, shock and anxiety, the entire stock is widely used in the treatment of absentmindedness, insomnia, anxiety, acne, arthritis, coma, depression, ADD, ADHD, attention deficit, autism, hyperactivity, joint stiffness and mental fatigue.

    Could there be a correlation between my craving for vetiver while in the throes of anandamide overload? Something is definitely up with that!

    What is anandamide and how does it help marijuana users? -
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  7. 95 pages later.... WTF did I just read? True not Terpenes.
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  8. phytocannabinoids ( monoterpene) are a more stable compounds than the smelly volatile sesquiterpenes. Cellular cavitation occurs in the presence of sesquiterpenes and this enlivens the cell to receive more biological information from the signalling monoterpene phytocannabinoid metabolites as they express on the cellular receptors.
    the volatile molecules also increase bio-availability of the cannabinoids via half life expression... some like beta caryophyllene have a 24 hr half life
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  9. Thank you, Galaxy420, for the tidbits of info that lead me to read more on those details. I already feel this will help with topicals and tinctures end especially as I share valuable information with my like minded friends.

    The half life of compounds is fascinating, and downright scary in their tenacity in some pharmaceutical cases.

    While I have no desire to seek out terpenes for cartridges, or other such vape based medication, I would like to experiment more with the essential oils currently in my possession, to enhance the varying extractions. Have been reading more about the mimicking nature of specific oils to cannabinoid terps. Just helped an anxious friend with black peppercorn last week. I find chewing whole clove works better for me in stressful situations.

    Ps: After so much the alcoholism tag makes sense! Doh! :roflmao:
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  10. I have definitely added (True Terpenes brand) terps to edible coconut capsules I have made and some alcohol tincture as well with satisfactory results.

    Personally, I like to have my CBD isolate infused a bit with terps. I disliked the waxier concentrate which was made from CBD flower I purchased a few times.

    I actually have some CBD with terps being lab tested that I am waiting on the results for. Amidst all this True Terpene Viscosity discussion, I have finally gotten my hands on some of it to test, which is why I even discovered the other thread.

    Carts and a liquidizer agent isn't my priority however but this has certainly been interesting as far as the changing industry goes.

    I do remember another member mentioning a few other companies that make a similar product that is "supposedly" terpene based. I may have to find an alternative for sure...
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