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  1. a while ago me and my friend were at this sort of festival thing it was by some big buildings that were restaurants.

    my friend says he has to take a piss so he goes over by this building with tinted windows, he didn't seem to realize that there were over 50 people dining in there. it was just hard to see them.

    so he takes a piss, and i'm standing behind him watching all the people slowly turn their heads in his direction, by the end of it everyone in the building was staring at him with a disgusted look on their faces.

    he zips up, walks back casually, i was like "dude there were a shit ton of people watching you piss." he just stares and says "no there werent"

    i look back at the building, where every person is still staring at him, and realize that this was the funniest moment i have ever witnessed.
  2. thats crazy. yea when im about to piss somewhere public i always do a quick scan around to see if anyones looking...when im sober at least. i bet all thos people were just in shock lol
  3. yeah, peeing in public is a dangerous game gentlemen. get caught by the wrong person, and you could see yourself as the next sexual offender of your community...
  4. Or if you make coffee naked, like that idiot woman that ruined some poor bastard's life because he forgot to close the curtains while doing so. She made up some huge sob story and generally tried to get as much attention as possible about how this "sick monster was trying to expose himself to her and her children." Fucking self-important cunt scab whore....
  5. actually heard about this - on freebeerandhotwings. who the hell looks into windows at 5 AM on their way to drop their kid off at the bus stop? (i think this was the case, might have been walking the dog or something)
  6. freebeerandhotwings... hahahaha. by the way we were only 15 at the time

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