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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Kirby, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. Figured most everyone in this forum is a sick bastard so you all would get a kick out of this thread posted in the steroid forum. Fullybuilt is the one telling the story, not me

    This is posted by FullyBuilt

    O/T The funniest and most disgusting story ever
    Well, I debated all day whether I should share with all of you what happened to me last night, so since I can't tell my family i'll tell my fellow juicing family my story. Ok so yesterday was my cheat day. Probably put away about 8k cals including a lot of alcohol last night. Im at the usual weekend frat parties and i've been talking to this girl for the majority of the night. She's 19, so still a little on the immature side, but im only 21 so its all good. Anyway i've talked to this girl a few times before, and to make a long story short I ended up going back with her to her dorm. About another 8shots later, we end up fooling around on her bed, didnt bang her, but did pretty much everything else. So about 10min's into her giving me head, I had to drop the fattest shit in my life. All my meals were followed by 3tsp of metamucil so I could get lots of fiber in me to combat the carbs a litte. Anyway im holdin my #2 in and finally it goes away. We both end up passing out on her bed, she's butt naked and im in my boxers. I must have passed out about 10min after she did around 3am. I wake up at about 8am to piss and I find myself covered in shit. Im thinking WTF, and what happened was I shit myself when I was sleeping. It was all over the bed, sheets,etc.... Im freakin out so I did the most horrible thing in the world. She's sleeping with her back towards me, so I take my boxers off, scoop up some shit and gently smear it on the inside of her butt, her lower back, and a little on the back of ther hammies. I get dressed and leave LOL This poor girl is gonna think she did it. I didnt know what else to do though. Anyway, im really gonna have to avoid her and I have no clue what im gonna do when I end up running into her.
  2. hahaha that is the funniest fucking story i've ever read
  3. That story made my day even better, LMAO!:D

  4. my friend sent me a link to this story on a sterriod forrum, and i liked the story, so i thought id share with everyone here. i just copy and pasted it right out of the forrum, so ignore the sick bastard part if it offends you. and no i dont do steriods, i dont want to make my junk smaller, and i missed the new south park :(
  5. LOL, that was so funny but sick as hell, i can't believe someone would actually do that.
  6. holy shit, that was the funniest/sickest thing I've read in quite a while! I LMFAO!! there's some sickies out there...

  7. Rotflol that is the funnest shit ever(Pun not intended).
  8. That is seriously gross. I mean eww..Think of how embarrassed that girl must be!

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  9. Ewwwww. Shit is no laughing matter...... okay, it is...... That was pretty hilarious, but equally disgusting......
  10. altered version of trainspotting... that guy called spud. LOL
    anyway thats funny as hell but as everyone said. SICK
  11. haha, i just posted this on a few other forums i frequent... before you know it, this story is gonna be all over the internet ;p

  12. all i can say to that story is HA HA HA!!!!
  13. Just play it off like you don't know anything about it and i bet she won't say shit...... About the shit. Thats funny shit.
  14. No joke one of my friends told me his brother's friend (and this kid isnt a liar) did that. Where you/he live? I doubt two people smear shit in someone else's ass. lol!
  15. hahah dude that made my day really it did
  16. Haha, that's like Spud in Trainspotting with a little twist...
  17. Yea too bad this is an old joke that is well known....
  18. Dude, that has to be the funnies story Iv ever read. Smart idea though. LMFAO! Thanks for tellin that one man.
  19. funny shit. literally.
    *800+ Posts(didnt realise till now lol)*
  20. LMFAOOO thats fucking hilarious just picture the girl how she feels about herself hahahahha

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