True story: caught with weed in TN and cops let me slide

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  1. This will sound hard to believe for people that grew up in hoods with asshole cops arresting them everyday, but it is the complete truth, anyways here goes the tale... It is a bit long but good read.

    Ive moved to tn been living here for about a yr now, can't afford a nice place on my own, so I live in one of the worst parts of town where there's known gangs and crime going on everywhere I look. But i mind my business and they don't view me as a threat, so I've been lucky and haven't had any problems, until the other night...

    I walk to the grocery store, a 2 mi round trip, and leave the house around 4:00 pm, not dark yet. Takes longer than expected and its dark for the walk back, when I arrive to my crib around 5:30, I see a fat light skinned girl and a guy with dreads standing on my stoop with garbage bags full of shit.

    At this point I think they've already robbed the place, had no clue if one could be armed so I did not want to confront them right there, I walked past the house like it wasn't mine, called the cops and gave them the description. The 911 dispatch told me to NOT go near the house for fear there still coul be someone in there. So she sends units over and tells me to wait for them.

    At this point I'm kinda lost in the moment, and not thinking at all about the fact I have a jar of weed on my kitchen table and it prolly reeks of dank because I blazed before I left for my walk... Besides the robbers would make off with the nug anyways riiiight???

    turns out they never got in the place, idk wtf they were doing on my stoop with garbage Bags full of shit and looked at me like deer in headlights, but not a thing was missing. But the cops had to search the house and see if they stole anything. Of course they smell the weed and see the jar. There was 1 suit detective and 2 cops both had to be over 40.

    They give me advice about how to secure the place better, tell me to watch my ass, get some more info for the report... No ones mentioned the weed yet!!! The detective and 1 cop peace out, and the oldest cop stayed filling out paperwork. He stops and looks straight at me, says "were doin you a big favor tonight, keep that outta plain sight next time" and that was that. I was in the clear.

    Anyone else ever have a rare experience like this one? And even better question... Would this have ever happened if I wasn't a friendly white guy in TN, what If I were a minority...
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  3. I would say you are extremly lucky. Put your weed in a safe place when your not smokeing or at the house.
  4. that's dope. I wish the cops out here didn't give a fuck... They'd probably pull a gun on me if I was just walkin around smokin a blunt
  5. Ya I was sooo lucky, and extremely surprised. I've been having a lot of weird things like this happening lately though, makes me wonder
  6. Why didn't you just go inside your house ?
  7. Officer BossSwag sounds pretty legit xD
  8. The cops were already there maybe 1-2 mins tops after I ended the call, most likely were already somewhere near by. Wouldn't of made much difference still smelled strongly in there, if they were dicks they coulda searched the place. Totally wasn't prepared for a visit from the 5-0 hah.
  9. Nice OP

    When I was younger, in middle school/high school me and my friends were smoking weed, partying, getting into all types of shit.
    Luckily we had a few cool cops in our town that would let you slide as long as you weren't a dick.
    There were a few times I got caught with weed.. always an 8th or less, and the cops in my town just emptied my bag out or took it, and they talked shit.. threanted to arrest me, and my friends, but they would let us go.
    One time I was like 14, me and my friend were walking home from a party at 3 am and a cop stopped us and we were high andd drunk off our ass's. He talked shit, and drove us home to our parents, but he didn't arrest us.
    There were a bunch of other times like that.

    I was lucky they let me go all those times, I can't imagine the amount of charges and bullshit I would have went through if the cops had busted me every single time.

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