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  1. One of my friends who lives in the Appalachia says some crazy shit happens up there. One time he told me about how he was driving down a dirt road at night (cuz he likes driving around) and he saw a light. He approached the light and he ended up seeing a big ass bonfire with a naked woman laying in front of it and a bunch of other people in white cloaks. They looked at him and started "screeching" and charging his truck. He backed out of the dirt road as fast as he could and got out of there.
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  2. Sounds more made up then scary dude lol
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  3. Squeal!
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  4. The Deer Hunter - 1978.

    @forty winks you beat me to it..hahaha. Great minds think alike.
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  5. Tales from the hollers.
  6. Oh..I never heard of that. Please explain.
  7. I know it sounds made up and I didn't believe it, but he showed me those areas and how people act down there and I believe it. It's one of those places where you can still find the KKK actively burning crosses on people's lawns for being black.
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  8. A valley between two hills in Appalachia. It was just a joke that nobody got, lol.
  9. Aren't there some pretty weird churches there as well?
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  10. Yeah, there's also a really creepy mental asylum that he showed me, it has a bunch of older buildings surrounding it that are super creepy and the entire place just gives a weird vibe. He said he had to work there and it was the worst work experience ever.
  11. They was possessed mon you lucky to have got away. I would have been gone so far I would be like the Flash lol.

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  12. We used to film in a decommissioned asylum and man that place was haunted for sure.
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  13. Hah, I've been to some haunted places. I'm not sure if I believe in ghosts but I always find the shit interesting.
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  14. I agree but you can psyche yourself out into hearing or seeing someone or something. One time I had to strike a set from the farest wing all by myself. The entire building was empty. My skin was crawling with expectation the entire time, though nothing appeared.
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  15. You see, I've had some actual experiences that another person can say they saw and heard some of the same stuff. I even caught one thing on camera that I cant really make sense of. It sounded like something tapping on my phone in kind of a rhythmic pattern, it wasn't me because I was able to make the same/similar noise by tapping it with my finger while holding it, but the phone shakes.
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  16. Sounds like something straight out of a low budget horror film.
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  17. Im supposed to be going on tour of the waverly asylum sometime this month supposed to be haunted.
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  18. There are a ton of stories of people hearing screaming. Many movie companies have hired shamans and energy clearers over the years but nothing helped free the trapped and tortured souls. There’s a three story staircase encased in wrought iron fencing that was put in because so many inmates used to throw themselves from the top floor. Little treatment rooms with weird looking equipment from the bad old days of institutional psychiatry.
  19. You shouldn't do meth OP. Keeps you up for days and start seeing shit.
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  20. Make sure to tell us what happened while there!

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