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True or False.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Koushou, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. I heard this recently and I'm not sure whether to believe it or not.

    In conversation I brought up that the better weed I smoke the less likely I am to get munchies, and some dude told me that it's common knowledge that the higher grade the weed, the more tame the munchies are.

    Anyone else heard of this?
  2. I find the complete opposite my friend :smoke:
  3. Maybe it's my (VERY) low tolerance, but I find that if I don't get munchies, the high is too much and I tend to feel nauseated. :confused_2:
  4. i agree with that statement. i rarely get munchies as it is, mids i get the urge to eat, but i usually smoke kb and i rarley have to the urge to munch out.
  5. agreed.
  6. If find that being high intensifies basically all of my senses. Stuff looks cooler, music sounds better, eating tastes better and touch feels better. Not to mention emotions are also increased
  7. so true.
  8. ^^^hell yea^^^, the higher grade weed doesnt give me munchies but i still eat anyway cause food just taste so much better

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