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True or false ?

Discussion in 'General' started by somerandomdude, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. ha, true. who doesn't? o_O

    next poster has thoroughly enjoyed Rice Krispies Treats while stoned out of their mind (if you havent DO IT THEYRE UNBELIEVABLE!) mmmmmm
  2. false ill be sure to try em :smoking:

    nrxt poster has had braces
  3. True. Twice. It was painfulll. But my teeth are straight now so it was worth it!

    Next poster uses a font other than Times New Roman when they type[d] assignments.
  4. false

    next poster loves eating grilled cheese and tomato soup while baked
  5. True, (but only if I don't have to cook them)

    The next poster has cable/satellite TV.
  6. true

    next poster thinks obama currently has the worst job in america
  7. ha, true (taking over from the bush administration is a hard thing to do) but he needs to understand that appeasing the right doesnt work. the public will move along if he sticks to a left-wing agenda. ah, ill save it for another time.

    next poster knows what sriracha sauce (or rooster sauce watev) is (asian chili sauce. sooooo good on everything) btw @redhotblazer, make sure to buy some rice krispies treats hahaha

  8. im pretty sure i've had it before

    the next poster has tried to order takeout from a buffet

    PS on the krispies: (haha i will :yummy:)
  9. ha, never tried. ill just bring a bucket LOL

    next poster prefers cheese ritz bitz over peanut butter
  10. true

    next poster listens to the Eagles :)
  11. False, never really listened to them

    the next poster doesn't like main stream rap
  12. True - I don't really care for rap at all, save for a few "classics", I'm a rock n' roll guy

    The next poster is wearing shorts right now.
  13. false...just boxers

    The next poster is listening to music.
  14. True!
    rolling stones - might as well get juiced

    Next poster has made a 6 tier sandwich while stoned
  15. False.

    The next poster drinks beer.
  16. False - I had to quit drinking 10 years ago due to a liver issue.

    The next poster has an urge to drink any liquid they come across.
  17. false. anything sludgey or suspiciously warm and yellow is pushing it

    next poster has done something ridiculously stupid because their friend dared them to.
  18. True.
    The next poster has an earring.
  19. False. I know it's weird but I don't have my ears pierced, I'm one of the only girls I know who doesn't have earrings haha
    Next poster already has plans for next weekend.
  20. somewhat true. plans for friday (smoking, lasertag, cosmic bowling) hahaha

    next poster likes eating pb&j with the jelly on the top half not bottom

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