True or False, you can do the same things stoned that you can when you're sober

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    BQ: Can you do the same things sober that you can when you're stoned?

    Explain which ones
  2. Only thing i can't do while high is be sober.
  3. i can't smoke the second joint sober. :smoke:
  4. lol true everything
  5. its true you can, you just notice that a lot of it is bullshit
  6. I can't do the same things baked that I can when I'm sober or high.

  7. everything i can do high i can do sober. its just not as fun. you should re word the OP lol. i havent driven baked yet so i cat attest to that but my day consists of sitting around bored as fuck on the computer all day. yeah i think i can probably do that baked as fuck lol. well without the bored part.

  8. Depends on what your definition of Baked is. If its roasted in the oven then yeah, your not doing shit.

  9. When I'm too high to be around more than 4 people and having to continuously interact with them, I'm baked.

    At that point I just want to go for a walk, read a book, or pass out to Mad Men.

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