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TRUE OR FALSE. Having a med card puts you on a state "list"?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by PuRpLePuRP, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. I hear all these rumors about how if you have a medical card you get put on some type of list from the government that could hinder your chances at getting a job in the future or be used for investigation reasons. Is this true?
  2. Completely False.

    In Colorado the list is kept on a standalone computer and is only used to verify that someone does in fact have a card.

    If there was a database employers could check, it would be widely known.

    Also, the government does not care about individual medical users. The AG has said that they will no longer prosecute cases for medical marijuana unless it violates both state and federal law.

  3. Hey man this was a big rumor for a while here in california too. However, i think thats probably a rumor started by some guy with a god complex that happens to dislike marijuana. I have a medical license along with several of my friends, in most cases for chronic pain issues. A couple shattered kneecaps myself. Point being it is not true i have talked to Norml and other such organizations including employers and doctors before i got my card and every single person said: just a rumor, not true whatsoever.

    It comes down to this: employers can access criminal information in many circumstances, however medical history (which a medical mmj license obviously falls under) is PRIVATE. at no time in the state of california at least, can any employer see any medical history without your personal consent.

    Hope that helps. Sorry for the wordiness but it makes me want to spread the news since i am one example of many folks who have dropped their perks and xanax for a good bowl of some high quality marijuana. Good luck

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