True or False CFL lighting ? from ad on ebay

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by azcactus, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Here is what the seller says about CFL. Based on your exp do you find this true of false?

    The bill for one month of electric usage for a regular 2k - 3k watt HPS lit garden can pay for a complete CFL setup!

    The Buy it Now price is $179
  2. CFL could never beat 2000-3000 watts of HID lighting. The lumens drop off at just a few inches with CFLs and you need to use a lot of them, whereas HID lighting can penetrate multiple feet of foliage. Also 2k-3k HID lighting is a very large setup much more than a personal use would need, that would be more commercial. 1K watts is the most that most people go with that I'm aware of. Also 600 and 400 watt lights are quite common.

    Also the price of CFLs should not be close to 180 dollars. You could buy a 400 watt HPS with that price and out do CFL.
  3. It doesnt even make sense... sure it can pay for a CFL setup at 179$. thats about right for 3000W lol, but notice they dont claim this system replaces a 3000W system... Because it super fucking doesnt, so whats the point they are making?

    How about a link?
  4. Here's the link. I already own a 600w HPS/MH digital ballast system, but was thinking about doing a cfl to start them. I am mainly just curious about the statement by the seller. No worry I look forward to using my lights as soon as I get my attitude seeds.
  5. there is no link there lol and what statement??

    all it says is that a month of using 3000W will pay for his 179$ CFL

    This is correct. or "true" if you prefer.

    It doesnt say anything about replacing the system though or claim that it will grow just as well, so their is no false claim. If he were to say that it replaces a 3000W system he would be lying, and if it was enough CFL to replace a 3000W system then it would use 4500W or so and then wouldnt save you all that much, now would it??

    Again im not sure what you are asking. That statement, as quoted, is true... 3000W constant for a month will cost close enough to 180$ to make that claim on its own.

    Its still stupid and doesnt mean anything
  6. " P.S. pictured is a 1400w version; replaces 1000w HiD & MH; only uses 322 actual watts!"

    This part is absolutely a false claim! Strait up lie.
  7. OK and your point would be. Please reread my original #1 post before putting on your I don't understand the question hat
  8. my point would be that the quote you put up there is true... i guess i do understand the question, i just think the question you mean to ask is: "will this replace a 3000W system?"

    The answer to that is no

    what you actually asked is does it cost 180$ to run 3000W for a month....

    the answer to that is yes...

    oh and you are a douche, and im sure ive lost you again on the finer points of true/false... so im done here. Have fun with your "1400W" cfl DIY ebay special.
  9. No no no. I have read and done enough research to know CfL can't compare w/ HPS/MH 600w lights or even less w or more. My curiosity was by the seller claiming your juice bill would jump $179 per month.

  10. Ok thanks. I hope I am a steak and mashed potato flavored douche. I wish that vaginal cleaner method came in good flavors. Can you imagine Tequila Sunrise flavored douche or Baskin Robbins ice cream. What about BBQ wings flavored douche? Yes my name is azcactus and I am a douche. Do they have douche anonymous meetings I can attend? Let me know. You can be my sponsor.
  11. oh.. well yea. that is def close enough to true... I pay 17 cents per KWH... so if you ran 3000W 24 hours a day for 30 days is 2160 kwh or 367.2$

    so even running 12/12 a 3000W system would cost me in the USA 180 bones or thereabouts every month... That much is a true claim.

    Its just that 3000W HID system can also grow 5 lbs of pot pretty easily lol so its not apples to apples.
  12. "P.S. pictured is a 1400w version; replaces 1000w HiD & MH; only uses 322 actual watts! "

    yeah, it's not even 1400 actual watts

    322 actual watts (322w/14 bulbs = 23w bulbs)

    that's about the same as a 250w MH or HPS bulb

    i'm pretty sure i know who would win in a side by side of this vs a 250w, even generic off-name brand hps

    i bet that thing (especially with that reflector) cranks out so much more heat than a 250w hps in a cooltube

    and you have to have it a few inches from your plant tops since it's low wattage thanks!

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