true or false about the cold.

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  1. I've got a question about this. Is it true that if you are growing your plants outside and when september and october come your plants will got this kind of glossy coating on their leaves. I meen last years batch (my crop) I had grown it ouside too and that shit blew my mind. Is that a part of the plants normal life and it gets that extra shine from age or is it from the cold.
  2. will a plant get the Thc thricons from age too or is it only a cold thing?
  3. this is true, trichomes are the thc glands and they are naturally occuring. if you let your plant go through a frost it will destroy some of them so make sure you get your plants down before it gets cold. when the trichomes start to look like mushrooms and change from clear to a milky color it is time to harvest
  4. cold makes them turn purple.
  5. Food coloring will turn them colors also. Last water of the season or after you harvest dip the stem/root in colored water.

    A few drops of blue food coloring makes the bud look wild. Last watering of the year, and then cut the stem, put it in a bucket for about a hour with the drop of color. growing widow and my plants are "stick" and white. Leaves do seem thicker too. I have no idea why though, i suspect age.

  6. thats bulls---- cold will giwe u triosomer but all thing must be right it,s not easy

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