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True Living Organic Soil - a la Rolanterroy

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by ElDiablo, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. Alright folks, I just ran a indoor run of this type soil know as TLO and loved the buds I got and now I am ready for the outdoor run. I got this from the Rev, but it is nothing new... just infinitely recyclable soil culture that is full of great micro life and fungi. The result is almost no feeding needs other than teas and molasses.

    More to come later

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  2. This looks like a tremendous blend El-D! I often wonder why people would use chemical nutes or pre-nuted soil mixes like MG (which makes bud taste like shit) when all it takes is a blend like you've posted here to provide a nice season-long, slow feeding organic solution. Might I also suggest burying a whole fish (I like freshwater trout) about two inches under the root system when planting? Make the roots "reach" for the food source. Great post bro, I will be borrowing this recipe for sure.
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    I have been going back and forth on that exact thing in my head OP. My worry is that when I use fish ferts, I see that a mammal of some sort digs at hole. Makes me worried that I have a fish loving critter or something.
  4. I am trying to work up a stripped down version of this for OD growing this indoor mix is so damn hot. With the wonders of mother nature this mix seems to be over kill. I am thinking of trying one based on a coco, vermiculite, and worm casting mix. Then amend with espoma ferts, some myco, maxi grow, and rock phos. I would then only need to use teas from the mix and some fish ferts in uber low doses and the same with some Big Bloom. What do you think Pork? Btw, am I being paranoid about a critter digging for the fish at the bottom of the hole? maybe being two feet deep, that would keep the smell contained.
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  5. This is very interesting. Great thread.

  6. Hey hey my good buddy Corto! You ready to hit ground digging? I am gonna rock the GG as well this year. :D
  7. Thank you so much El, D! I've tried signing up over at skunk but it won't let me for some reason.. the link they send me isn't working.

    so thanks for putting this up here.
  8. No problemo Coltrane;) I hear the Rev has a book coming out about TLO. now as much as I dig his stlye... "a boss DJ ain't nothing but a man" to quote Bradly Nowell. No disrespect to the rev, but you can learn this style on your own. It goes by many names... biodynamics, super soil, etc. Just keep learning about the soil, the living organisms within it, and the mechanisms by which your plants feed.
  9. gotcha. I've seen the "super soil 101" thread by subcool. Its over at Hydrocanna I think. Similar idea just different ingredients
  10. Now you see what I mean. I actually use Subcool's recipe for some purposes... but it is like a watered down version of TLO. Not that it will not produce results, it will prolifically. However, TLO makes buds that you will remember for last past the end of the bag. ;) Remember, the recipe above is not the whole deal... there still is the matter of teas and soil recycling. For that you will have to dig further. :D
  11. TLO bud porn:D These girls would have done a lot better, but I made my soil mix far too dense... too much ten year old compost and not enough perlite. ;)

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  12. I would love to get REv and LumperDawgz together for a discussion on organics..
    I don't follow REv's soil mix completely, but boy do my plants look a lot better..

  13. I'm with ya Archimage. I do follow his recipe as close as possible indoor, but OD its more of a guide. he did a whole spread on various techniques in Skunk mag last spring that is great for helping one develop a outdoor plan.
  14. I am a mmj patient in Montana, and I am finishing off my first crop of medical grade TLO bud. I only have two plants at this point (the ones raised from seed apparently were 'bad seeds' though I hesistate to use that term--what I am trying to say is that they were destined, every one, to be hermis. I believe it to be the seeds and not my practices that caused the hermi because my two clones are thriving). I have a G-13 Haze and a clone that was labeled Purple Cole but I have found out is NOT PC--so I have renamed it White Christmas as there is a chance it was a mislabled White Widow clone. It is so frosty, it just seems like a good name.

    My question regards TLO growing. I am new to it, and I accidently killed off my microlife with pH flux due to dead earthworms. I am curious if anyone has run across this problem in TLO? I had two nightcrawlers in each 5gal pot, and one day when I was tending the plants I noticed it smelled vaguely like a tackle box. Sure enough the worms had died, and my runoff pH was over 7.5. I had to flush for four days to get it back down, and reintroduce the microlife. They are thriving now and very close to harvest, but I am very curious if anyone else has ever had 'worm troubles'.
    thanks so much for your valuable advice and input!!
  15. Never had that or heard of it. Was there anything in the mix that may have killed the worms? Possibly a fert with EDTA or something... those manufacturers are tricky sometimes with those synthetic chelating agents.
  16. Hey ElD... Have you ever heard of Russian Comfrey? Good and cheap and makes a good organic fertilizer dude.. I'm sure you've probably seen it as I heard about it on GC.
  17. Oh yeah, I learned about it from Cantharis. I still have it in the garden.
  18. Hey El Diablo gonna get into this quick. This is a question im having with organic soil mix much like the one you listed on top of this thread (blood meal bone meal rock phos cottonsead) all that good stuff. Never done a TLO before (until now of course) and i started seedlings in what i believe to be a great mix. OK so the question at hand is that I have literal FUNGUS / MOLD i dont know..but something white has started to spread all over the containers. ive done a good bit of reading on TLO and even seen some pics of The Rev's soil with fungus on it. but everything ive read says that the fungi need roots to survive and since this is literally a seedling im wondering if this fungi is good or BAD. and actually very worried i might be growing a potentially deadly fungus in my house. please let me know ASAP if you have any information that could help. thanks.
  19. Do any of the pros on this site have any comment on this issue? Been growing from clones/cuttings for a while, but haven't started seeds until now. Having the same issue. Do I say OH SHIT, or should I be thankful the white fungus is in the Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil I'm using? Just planted the beans a couple days ago, no sprout yet.

    Worried parent. Thank you for any wisdom that you all may provide.
  20. Not a 'pro' by any means but I do have an opinion...and it's free. :)

    The primary reason a fungus or a mold will appear in an organic medium (your FFOF) is due to one or a combination of several things; dampness and/or a high level of organic matter, and/or lack of air circulation. There's zillions of these fungi and molds that live in and around us all the time - even the air you're currently breathing. It would be a rare case for the indoor gardener to worry about any of them you may find growing in your container. Pretty harmless really and some might even be considered beneficial.

    If it is of great concern to you empty the bag of FFOF and spread it out to dry. Once the water source is removed (dried out) it'll die. If it's not a great concern to you then just plant and go. At some point you'll be getting into brewing AACT's and you will be making your own beneficial fungi and bacteria and ADDING them to the soil! LOL! It's the natural progression to do so!

    There may be some that will argue this point but the appearance of a harmful mold or fungi on or in the soil is almost always in large agricultural or greenhouse operations. I think it will be extrememely unlikely that what you are seeing in your FFOF is a 'bad thing'. And for what you paid for the FFOF you might as well use it. I would! :D

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