True Insanity.

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  1. Pressure builds up, the most vivid red and the emptyness of black. The feelings of hate and sorrow, all mixed together. The deepest emotion of all, deeper than love, deeper than regret, hatred goes deep. Insanity is building and coming upon me, each and everyday. These feelings will not subside, not with a gentle glide. I am in a forceable impression of a monotonous lifestyle. No longer do I live in this subsided world of make believe, now I live in a world of seeing everyone's true inner-self. No one, not even the family of the beheld is worthy. This is not the compassionate truth, rather the rough and rigid manifestation of a person who can not tolerate the stupidess of the world. At which point and time, everything, even murderous rage, is accepted. After which point of time has ceased all is back to normal, just an illusion of what we are really living in. You may call me insane or a urban psychopath, but at which time, i see the true people of this world. Everyone in this world has secrets, horrible, dark secrets. Secrets that lie beneath their true emotions, just waiting to bore out of their empty skulls. It's these visions i have to fathom. It's funny that we live in a nation that has enough technology to build a station in space but we still worship the pages of an ancient publication. People ask me, who made you God? I say, well, I must be god because when i was praying a bell went off in my head that said HEY YOUR TALKING TO YOURSELF ASSHOLE.

    ...So bow down and pray to your god.

    I am truley going insane.

  2. try not giving a fuck, it's worked for me
  3. so you know the way it is.
    it is the way it is.
    deal with that.

    just because most haven't doesn't mean that you can't.
  4. my god is this earth the beauty of wilderness and mother nature, no book mean shit to me, well the bible specifically
  5. :eek:

    Insanity is sanity with a kick!
  6. OP, i fucking love that paragraph. I hope you didnt steal it from something because well, it seems to me that if your truely faceing these "problems" its not you who is insane, its the world. Trust me dawg, your not the only one who thinks this shit.

    BTW, i love the last sentence. +Rep

  7. it seems to me like you need to smoke more indica.
  8. lol!!
  9. sanity is defined by the majority, it is a norm
    if everyone is insane, than they are all actually sane
    and the minority that was truely sane to begin with are the insane ones
  10. shit happens bro.
  11. nothing is more deeper than love. and by love I don't just mean "girl-boy" love, rather universal love

  12. No it wasn't stolen, the last sentance was taken from DZK's rap lyrics, but other than that I wrote it all. Now everyone mis-understood this whole post. This was actully referring to me being "bi-polar". Because there's a point each and everyday that I would like to snap and murder everyone with a razor and a quick flick of my wrist. Only when I am being bi-polar do i see the true world that lies beneath. I flip out for about 10 to 15 minutes and everything is surreal, then everything goes back to being normal. Hence why i'm talking about going insane, because when i do go bi-polar, then i do feel like murderous rage is acceptable. But no, i think 90% of you did take it out of context, but thats the thing about paragraphs, everyone can take something different from them.

  13. OP:

    Man, been there done that. You will come to a point in your realization of your hatred for everything that is fucked up, that you can't do anything about it. Other than the environment in which you surround yourself, you are, there's no getting around it, completely and utterly helpless in this matter. Sounds pretty fucked up right? Well that's the point, it is. You will come to a point along this road, where you will realize that you still have a choice, you always will have a choice, whether it is right in front of you, black or white, or not. Your choice is this: you can realize this hatred, and continue hating everything, OR, you can realize this hatred, and move to the next link on the chain, and decide for yourself, to be down with what is. Why? If you have a choice of happy or sad, it's obvious. How? You gotta realize that it is the only way to be.

    EDIT - Moral of the story: Be down with what is. You're just along for the ride.

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