True Hermie! Need some feedback

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Should I grow it out and harvest?

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  1. Hello everyone. So this is my first grow. Started with like 35 seeds, germinated about half outside, retained 11 for my outdoor grow room/greenhouse. Over the course of veg/preflower, 6 of them are female. Almost all of the rest started showing signs of male pollen sacs so I moved them outside my room (still outside, but considerably cooler). However, one of those plants I thought was a true male started growing pistils at the very top of the plant, with nearly fully formed pollen sacs everywhere else. Not super surprised this happened since I took away that plant's artificial light and subjected it to cooler temps. So my question... I am correct in assuming that it turned hermie because of the move? In other words, would it have stayed male in my room (not that I would want that, just theoretically)? And since it has pistils now, you guys think I should grow it out and harvest or is it not worth it? Also curious what you guys think about breeding with this one.

    Uploaded some pics for yall. Got 2 pics of my setup, one from veg and a later one from flowering. The rest are of the hermie that is outside.

    Any and all feedback is appreciated! Thanks

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  2. No vote necessary.... Get rid of it.
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