True Hell

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by IndianaToker, Mar 28, 2004.

  1. Three guys die and go to hell. there is an alcoholic, a sex -aholic, and a pot head. Satan says to them, "your punishment is three thousand years in an isolated room. but since i am feeling generous today, i will allow each of you to bring one thing that you love from earth." so the alcoholic thinks and says "i want an endless supply of booze!" and then he is in a room with bottle after bottle of liquor. the sex-aholic says "i love women! i want a bunch of horny, beautiful women in my room" and poof.......he is in a room with tons of horny women. lastly the stoner says "shit satan, thats easy! i want a room full of pot. i want skunk #1, white widow, kush, any type of chronic you can imagine" and poof.............he is in a room with ten thousand pounds of pot. so three thousand years go by, and satan decides to check up on these three men. he goes into the alcoholics room and the guy comes up, covered in his own shit and puke saying "satan help me. and cant drink one more drop." satan laughs and slams the door. next, he goes to the horny dudes room. he opens the door and the man runs up to him crying "help me! all these women are over three thousand years old and i have millions of screaming babies!" so satan laughs and slams the door in his face. lastly, he goes to the stoners room. as soon as the door opens the man jumps on satan, ripping out his hair and trying to gouge out his eyes. this dude is frantic and all he can say is "fuck man! DO YOU GOT A LIGHT?"

    :D :D
  2. Hahaha.. pot is no good with out a light..

    It had to be torcher to be in that room with out a lighter!!
  3. aww man, that was great, I can't stop laughing
  4. BH would be the sex-aholic and Critter the stoner!

    ROTFL :D:D:D
  5. couldn't the dude have like eaten the weed...i heard u can still get fucked up doin that, but it kinda tastes like shit.
  6. oh ive heard that one b4
    thats hallarious
    ive heard it in different forms though.
  7. Well told, I thoroughly laughed out loud.
  8. i would have laughed harder if i hadn't been in that situation before. sitting around a buddies house loaded with 2 grams, a pipe, and missing a lighter. God damn bastard didn't even have a match.

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