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  1. Here it is. 18 feet up in a tree and livin' on pig shit. She's a happy girl thats budding already. Comments are welcome! You guys taught me everything I needed to know.
    Mad props to all of you.

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  2. shes coming along nicely. what strain is it? pretty spiffy place to raise your girl. will watch for updates. Peace, eyeslikeddonuts
  3. Wow, thats awesome.
    Good luck with the harvest man.
  4. Nice! Any way to get a pic that shows more clearly the plant growing up in the tree?

    BTW, how harsh are your MJ laws in Korea? Hope you're not taking too big of a risk.
  5. wow up A tree lol just hope it doesnt get used for nest material
  6. I'll be sure to get a pic of it up in the tree so you guys know I'm not lying. Laws in Korea are as strict as the states, there's just more negative stigma.
  7. thats badass.
    keep updating.
  8. Yeah the foliage did grow in and completely camoed the pot. It's in an evergreen so by the time the leaves fall I should have enough bud and cover to keep things on the low. It took two of us to lug that fucker up there! Thanks for the comment!
  9. How many seeds did you have to germinate to get what you have today?
  10. Good question. I started with probably about 20. About 14 sprouted in the beginning, all in the same pot. As they started to grow I slowly pulled the weaker ones until I was left with three strong plants. After that I just chose the one in the middle.
  11. Nice work Yi, you have some mad ninja skills to climb that tree :eek:. This method of growing attracts my attention quite a lot. The way I figure, people are usually looking down while they are walking on remote areas (to avoid stepping in the wrong place), so this could go undetected even if someone passed by. You also don't have to worry that much about rodents and other animals.

    A question though, when the foliage of the tree grows, wouldn't that cut the light reaching to your plants?

    Keep up the good work,
  12. Your handle identifies you as KyungYi. My first inclination would be to see that as your family name being Kyung and your personal name Yi. But in your sig you identify Yi as your surname, so I am wondering if you reversed it here just for our benefit.

    So just to be straight, is the equivalent of what in the West we would call "your first name" Kyung or Yi? Just want to know what you are most comfortable being called.
  13. Thanks for reply. So how much more time do u think youll need b4 u can smoke them. Can thet get bigger?

    WTF that gotta do with this THREAD, are you :smoke::confused_2:
  14. Hey, we're all people, I'm just trying to make sure that when I talk to someone that I call them by their name properly. It has nothing to do with growing MJ up a tree, for sure, but as long as we're all talking we might as well make sure we have the names right.
  15. Actually yes and no. Like I said it's in an evergreen which is sorta spindlely so not many branches especially with thick leaves to block sun. The other tree that covers it I'm not sure what it is but it does have thick leaves, but I went out there one mid morning/early after noon and tracked where the sun would be shining and trimmed some of the branches back that were in the way. This way I optimized the sunlight the plant would get without taking too much off the tree to be noticable. And yes, people instinctivly look down when they walk, especially through wooded areas, whether it be hunters who are looking for tracks or just people who don't want to sprain an ankle. No deer, no rabbits, no rodents, and no birds (that I know of). Insects tend not to go that high but I did have some trouble in the beginning with ants, but that was quickly solved. Hope this answered your question, and thanks for your reply.
    -Kyung Yi
  16. Toasty, not an unfamiliar question. Korea is a very confucian state. Family means EVERYTHING. So we put our family names (surnames first), in whcih case I come from the family of Yi. My first name is Kyung, the rest of my name I keep hidden for obvious reasons. So I guess to answer your question, yes I did reverse it for you, the western equiv. of my first name would be Kyung. If my name were John Doe Smith, in Korea you would be Smith, John Doe. Hope this helps, and of course no disrespect was taken at all. We're all smokers!
  17. I'll probably need at least another good solid month before I can harvest. I'm hoping (for safety sake) that the plant grows no taller, which it hasn't, but the Buds need to thicken up and that will take another good month. ope this helped. Thanks for the questions!
  18. Patrio, our seasons are very very much like the states, except we have a rainy season where it rains constantly, if you are SK relocated you know what I'm tlaking about. I'm thinking (and hoping) tat the first frost won't hit until mmm maybe October, but I have to be realistic and think that it's probably going to happen end of Sept. Who knows. You question about genetics I'm not sure I understand. The plant strain I don't know, I wanna say it's an indica of some sorts because of the fatter rounder leaves, but it's bag seed I just decided to grow one day. I hope this helped!
    High Times!
    Kyung Yi

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