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True Durban Poison

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by DurbanPoisonQueen, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. I noticed already that there are a few topics on this strain already but none addressing the issue that so many apparent Durban Poison strains overseas are fakes. For example there seems to be a consensus in America that Durban Poison smells like black licorice. I beg to differ. I lived in Durban, South Africa until I was 18 and smoked Durban Poison since I was 14. That is obviously where Durban Poison originally comes from and the thought that it smells or tastes like licorice never crossed my mind. I can't stand licorice so I would know if it even slightly smelled or tasted like it. Durban Poison smells fruity, perhaps like berries and tastes like candy. It consistently smells and tastes like those things. I'm curious to know if anyone overseas has experienced Durban Poison like this too, in other words is true Durban Poison found overseas or not. I've also read people saying it tastes spicy or smells like lavender, but the most common thing is the licorice.
    As for the high and potency, I think it's excellent. Too bad I only realised what a great gem Durban Poison is after moving to another country and discovering the weed isn't that good. I miss Durban Poison terribly. It made me feel happy and giggly, colours were so bright and everything would look so beautiful, I would feel very imaginative and creative, I'd write stories and poems where as I'd never want to do that not stoned. The stuff where I live now is just so boring in comparison. I guess it doesn't help that Durban Poison is a sativa and the stuff here are pretty much all indicas and their effects are basically feeling slightly cloudy minded and sleepy. I personally find the effects of sativas or maybe just Durban Poison in particular so much more enjoyable. 
    The appearance of Durban Poison is a dark green with brown/orange/yellow bits what ever it's called, you know what I mean. And plenty trichomes. 
    Ok rant over. tl;dr: Real Durban Poison smells fruity and tastes like candy, it doesn't smell and taste like black licorice or some other variant. 

  2. Ive just heard it smells n taste like lavender, never tryed it dont think ill bother anytime soon either. And why dont you just smoke sativas then?
  3. any weed from a dealer will definitely not be the strain they say it is
  4. I thought it was clear in my post that we don't get sativa's where I live now, or at least I haven't come across any. So I just smoke nothing unless someone offers, I certainly am not going to spend money on something mediocre. It costs way more here too. $100 for 7 grams whereas it cost $15 for 7 grams in South Africa. Sigh. Super homesick. 
    Yeah I don't pay attention to what the dealer says. They always say whatever they have is great. Yeah right. But reviews from medical marijuana dispensaries of Durban Poison also mention that it smells/tastes like licorice/lavender/spicy rather than fruity/candy like it should. 
  5. Its $100 dollars for 7 grams because its dank, 7 grams is $15 in africa because it is shitty seedy weed.
  6. as for the price beggers can't be choosers!
    and also, your time in South Africa got you spoiled.
    If you're in a medical state it should be easy to get a nice quarter sack for 80-100 of some potent, better than durban poison.
    With all due respect to Durban Poison as a strain.. there are alot better ones.
    You could make a quarter of some potent last two weeks, maybe 3, maybe a month,
    Use a glass chillium/one hitter with a quarter of some dank and you can make it worth the money
    Don't bitch about prices, especially on grasscity, because we all pay them.
  7. Nope. Durban Poison from Durban, South Africa is amazing. Go read reviews on it if you haven't before. However you need to keep in mind that simply converting from Rands (South African currency) to dollars doesn't give the full picture. Stuff is much cheaper in SA but you get paid much less too. Like a packet of cigarettes there costs between $1.50 - $3. And the stuff I'm now buying for $100 is really shit. Well, apparently it's great, and maybe for this country (New Zealand) it is. But it ain't got nothing on Durban Poison. 
  8. Have you tried true Durban Poison? Just curious. I don't deny there are better strains out there. I'd love to try all the ones that get raving reviews. But I am not in America so I have no idea when I'll have the chance to try them. Not really complaining about the price, more just comparing how insane the rices can be from one country to another. I was indeed spoiled. Too bad I didn't know it at the time. I would have made every day and every joint and every inhale count. 
  9. No havent tried it heard great things then again once read a review saying it had only 9.6% THC but that's highly debatable based on other reviews I've heard.
    Its a legendary strain indeed and hard to come by nowadays. sucks you cant get a nice hookup.
    Yeah i get you on that price shift from country to country. In Thailand Thai stick grows in most backyards, lol, or so I've heard.
    New Zealand is an interesting country.. no predatory land mammals and alot of ground birds due to that.
  10. Welcome to Grasscity by the way :smoke:
  11. Just sounds your not use to being overpriced yet :p
  12. But it is dank.
  13. I love it here, the people are super friendly and it's very cultural, lots of night clubs and shopping areas, an art gallery and a museum, huge public library. I just miss the weed and food from South Africa. 
    I should think of smoking from a pipe or something to make it last and get high off of less. I've tried a pipe and bong, it's just weird to me, it tastes weird. Used a vapouriser too, though the cheapest one that the local headshop sells. It was alright though. Being a cigarette smoker, smoking is so easy and natural for me to do. Though with the weed here I have to mix it with tobacco, they always seem to make me cough. Makes me feel like such a newbie haha. My body just doesn't agree with the stuff here. Used to smoke Durban Poison straight though and never coughed. Oh well. 
  14. Thanks Michio Kaku :)
    KannibisKing, have you smoked New Zealand weed? I tried searching New Zealand on this forum with barely any results and the last being from last year. 
  15. Well it's all well and good that you're from RSA....but since there ARE so many reports of it tasting like black licorice (my experience, too), then there must be some relevance to that claim, don't you think? They couldn't be all wrong! In fact, OP, you're the first person who has said it doesn't taste like black licorice.
    I also was quite disappointed when I saw it advertised at a few dispensaries in town...I went there expecting that smell and taste...What I got, instead, was a typical, lemony-smelling Sativa....disappointing, actually.
    So, whatever that "mystery" strain is that people are calling Durban Poison and say tastes and smells like black licorice....THAT'S what I look for. If it smells lemony or fruity, then it just falls into the same category as about ten zillion other strains....nothing to make a big sdeal about. Strains that have that black licorice terpene in them are wonderful....and apparently somewhat rare.
  16. Nah I havn't but I heard its ok, I just dont think your quite use to it just yet, everyone likes doing things a certain way, when that changes people dont like it. Like u moving for instance, jus gotta addapt to ya souroundings.
  17. i feel you op.  in the 5 years since ive moved from hawaii even the best weed just doesnt compare.   the seeds i get from hawaii dont grow nearly as good here as they grew back home either.  
    i miss my volcanic sulfur ridden tropical paradise. 
  18. I feel your pain queen. Me and my uncle got are hands on a half pound of it. So expensive but worth it by all means. Weirdest looking bud in the world but god we both now have a favorite strain. I've had some of the best indic as that will fuck your day up but nothing like that Durban. One day I will have a garden full of the best hazes and Durban poison!

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  19. Ive heard reports saying durban poison like other landrace sativas have a concentration if a chemical called thc-v making it very potent but low on actual original thc..dont quote me on that though because its kist something i read online..

    Op of course people growing durban from a seedbank are going to have a different experience than what you had in africa. I can grow afghan kush from a seedbank but of course smoking some straight from the mountains in Afghanistan would be a different experience. Also just like that Hawaiian guy said, a country/region where a strain is from can drastically have an effect on it and when that same strain is grown elsewhere that effect is diminished.

    With all that said though ive had a phenotype of dutch passions durban poison that smelled like candy like you said the durban in africa does. It had a sweet, candy almost starburst like smell.
  20. DP's White Widow was a bit of a disappointment. :(

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