True Detective

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  1. Ok So This Show is REALLY crazy. If you toke and tune....well your in for a ride. So Basically it is about these two Detectives out in Louisiana covering a case that takes place around the time of 1995. It has matthew mcconaughey and woody harrelson. Harrelson plays his usual type of character Hard ass country white dude who likes the women. Mcconaughey on the other hand his character is this dark and deep dismal ruminating guy due to some past issues you will learn about. Its an HBO series and right from the opening credits you will be able to realize this is no ordinary crime show with a ton of symbolism in the openings. I don't really want to give that much more about the show cause you kinda have to find out for yourself. But the last episode was the most intense stuff I have seen in a very long time. The show is twisted, Gritty, Insane, Dark (Really Dark) XXX.  Its is now 4 episodes in so has anybody Else watched this show?


  2. If you were a true detective you would have started with the search button,

    But back on topic, yes this shows fkn badass, im hooked faw shaw
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    its actually 5 episodes in right now, but this show is the best show ive ever seen. Better than breaking bad too IMO. the way the characters are developed and the compelling storyline make it an edge of your seat experience every time. Just wait till you see the 5th episode.

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  4. Nah Man the 6th episode comes on this Sunday....but I couldn't agree with you more about the show kicking enormous ass though.
  5. yeah sorry im just high haha I had watched the 6th episode trailer, thats what it was lol

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  6. True Detective is the best TV show since Breaking Bad -- anything feat. Woody is 420-friendly!
  7. New episode was crazy! His wife had a nice ass haha

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  8. this show is the second season all new plot lines and characters, leads me to think one of the detectives dies or goes to jail in the finale of this season
    ive watched each episode 2-3 times and some more just to pick up on the subtle really helps..i was able to realize Cohle was being questioned for the murder and not just asked like Hart, that Cohle banged Harts wife and that Tuttle or his family were involved..would never have been able to after one time that show is too nuts lol
  9. Who else is fucking pissed that HBO Go crashed and now cant watch the finale

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