True Blueberry Creation?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by blackjack, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. I'm taking one plant aside and doing a little experiment on it.
    The strain is White Russian, BTW.

    It just went into flowering approx. 2 weeks ago.
    Every watering it will receive a little mix that I created:

    Blended blueberries
    Organic blueberry syrup
    Blue food coloring

    So for about 7 weeks it will be absorbing a SHIT TON of blueberry/blue extract. (including during flushing)

    After harvest, I will cure it in a glass mason jar filled with blueberries.

    What are the odds this WR plant will look, smell, and taste like blueberry?
  2. I wouldn't suggest the blueberries in the jar. You might end up getting mold and that would be :(
  3. definetly dont put ANY blueberries in the jar while curing, mold will come.

    and not sure about the effect, i dunno if I would put the blue food coloring in, seems like it would nasty to smoke,

    all in all though sounds like an interesting experiment.

    are you planning on addign any regular nutrients?
  4. yeah, i'd like to hear results. This is interesting experiment.

    you are what you eat right?
  5. i was just reading up on using extracts to make bud taste like different flavors, it was about using extracts, not the fruit itself, nor food coloring, as decaying fruit attracts bugs, and i dont know if the coloring has n e effect on color or when smoked.. i think its a great idea, im going to do it too all my lades (Nirvana NL, PP, and BM) which have tendencies to go purp n e ways :)

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