True blood.

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  1. This television show is the shit. its not no dumb twilight kind of vampires i love to sit down after a nice bowl and watch this it is pretty interesting once u watch season one episode one
    if anyone else likes true blood feel free to talk about it on here
  2. haha, yeah suprisingly it isn't that bad. that's where I got the quote from, Lafayette the badass homo gay queer entrepreneur lol
  3. True Blood is fuckin' awesome. Good sex/sexual scenes. Even the books are raunchy. Total aphrodisiac for chicks. If you want guaranteed sex get your chick high and watch TrueBlood with her.. You'll get some ;) I'd like to say that I'd do DIRTY things to Pam.
  4. i like on season 2 when the devil lady makes people do crazy shit. i even recall a episode where this guy repeadetly hit his head on a pole.
    lmfao it stuck in my head

  5. I love True Blood. Like the OP said, it isn't that fake teen vampire shit where their skin turns to diamonds and they lack fangs.

    I think True Blood depicts a very realistic situation if vampires did exist, and that is what is so awesome about it.

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