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troubling decision

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BUD- Not Buddy, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Ok, so at the moment I have $110 spare and I want to either....
    buy a quarter for exactly that price, or...
    buy a decent pipe to smoke out of so I don't have to use this one hitter all the damn time (which really sucks when noone else brought their pipe, and I have to be like "Hey, guys... I brought my ONE HITter....) and an eighth. lol, silly decision, yeah, but I need someone to make it for me.
  2. 70 on trees and 40 on a bubbler/pipe....

    best of both worlds, get glass thats gonna last you, and grass to blaze...
  3. This can be a win-win situation.
    -Pick up a badass-eyecatching spoon for $30
    - use the remaining $80 on bud.

    Thats what i would do...
  4. buy a pack of rizzla for 50 cent or whatever they are in america and then you have $109.50 for grass now thats win-win
  5. "It's not the piece you smoke out of but what you smoke out of that piece." I would suggest you spend 20 on a nice glass spoon and the other 90 on herb.

    Why spend 40 bucks on a pipe that could get broken,stolen, or lost? pointless...

  6. winnnerrrrr
  7. I would spend about 5 on some cheap tobacco and skins (like Amber Leaf or Golden Virginia maybe,they come with either Blue Rizzla or else some cheap make of skins) Id spent 50 on some fine weed and than hold onto the rest which would be half and do the same next time your stuck for weed.
  8. eh I save 80 on the buds and 20 on the peice I got a decent pipe thats pretty big for 20 bucks just do that shit. But if you want to spend more on some glass do 70 30.

  9. don't mix tobacco with cannabis. lol
    aaaand don't use papers at all.

  10. Meh, that's too much to spend on a pipe. Don't get sucked into the game of spending way too much money on pieces. Spend half of that on a pipe and the other half on smoke.

    EDIT: Sorry I read that too fast. You're talking about what I'm talkin' about :)

    Just buy a decent little spoon and some smoke and stop worrying about it. BTW $110 for a quarter is ripoff prices. Start growing and fire your dealer.

  11. hah, I wish I could grow, but I have nowhere to do it/no equipment. and $110 is standard Houston pricing.
    P.S. Your grows are badass, just sayin.
  12. Over here everyone mixes tobacco with grass and hash if I didnt everyone would stare at me like iv ten heads ha ha
  13. Yup yup.

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