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  1. Hey gc! first time grower of anything I've been having some problems....please help me. Thanks in advance. Here's some info and pics.

    Rdwc with clay pebbles 30l
    2 x Vast and fast and budda kush
    Around 30 day the bubba kush is around 15 day
    1 400w hps air cooled
    300 400mm away from light
    Green planet dual fuel and general hyro cal mag I change once a week
    Abit over half strange 1ml calmag pre L
    Ph 5.9 ec reads 222?
    30 highs and 14 lows
    20 to 45% humidity
    I didnt ph my water after a change about weeks ago it was like 10hrs maybe more I flushed it with just water for 2days started calmag and nuts little by little

    I topped one then I dropped something on it and lost a main branch

    I thinks its alot of things ,could I have guidance for further grow I really want master hydro thank gc

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