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Troubleshoot my tincture pls D:

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Secret_Stoner, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. Hello friendly friends. First post here.

    I need some help with my extract. It's working fine but it looks awfull and I think I'm loosing potency because of the resin sticking to the jar.

    I followed this steps:

    -Decarb about 5 grams
    -Soaked for 3 days on Non-toxic, high proof alcohol, that covered the plant material.
    -Heated on water bath for 25min untill simmer and pressed with a spoon while heating (clean steel spoon).
    -Let it cool down.
    -Filter using a thin nylon cloth and papper coffee filter.
    -Add a tea spoon of water and a teaspoon of honey.
    -Re-heat on water bath untill simmer to reduce the alcohol.
    -At this point, the liquid turns from transparent and bright umber/greenish colour to dark brown and foggy
    -I store the mixture and after a few minutes, the liquids separate like shown on the picture.

    I don't separate the mixture because It's too potent and I don't want to concentrate it more. I really have a hard time keeping the alcohol on my mouth for sublingual use.

    I don't know if this is normal or if my solvent it's not the right type. I don't even know what are the technical details of the solvent. I live in a cocaine producing country so it's hard to find high proof ethanol because of the regulations, there's no everclear o high proof bacardi, the higher % of alcohol you can find here is 40% or so, so I bought this non toxic alcohol from the hardware store, it says safe for ingestion and it allso says it's good for tinctures and extracts, but nothing else, no concentration, no type of alcohol, no nothing. As it says it's safe for ingestion, I asume there is no methanol, I still bring to a boil at the same temperature as ethanol so I'm very shure there is almosl no methanol in there. I suspect it's a mix of ethyl and Isopropyl alcohol. It leaves no residue when dry.

    Please help me. I really want to improove my tincture.
  2. BTW After filtering, I add a pair of clean, small stainless steel screws to start the simmer and avoid overheating because I'm lab savy and stuff
  3. @Secret_Stoner
    All hardware store alcohol in the USA is denatured and toxic-poisoned deliberately to keep the hard core drunks from drinking it.
    As long as your sure it's pure ethyl alcohol and it says safe for human consumption it gotta be ethyl - drinking grade to be safe.
    Freeze weed and alcohol
    Combine and shake hard 15 seconds
    Strain with potato ricer or garlic press
    Like so.
    I do a quart jar of weed to a full fifth of 190 proof ever clear and work very fast. Pressing out about a 1/6th of the mass per load in the white potato ricer center picture.
  4. Yes, I'm relying on the boiling points. I live at 9000ft ASL so they had to bee checked. It only boiled at the ethanol temperature, not even Isopropanol, witch it can allso be consumed, just not nice at all.

    Ye, allso from where I'm from but here stuff is different. Hardware stores here are a big waste of time. If you need to do something like nut ant bolt something, you need to buy the nut one place, the bolt on other place and the drill on ebay equivalents and probably buy the washer in China lol (a bit exagerated).

    I can't use cold method, need to be stealthy as fu... I'm the Secret Stoner.

    Do you know a way to stop this from separating using the hot method?
  5. I might start to distill my own ethanol... I have lab $W4G
  6. #6 PsychedelicSam, Jul 14, 2017
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2017
    The water doesn't help. Cannabinoids and water don't mix. Many countries sell high proof food grade alcohol in pharmacies and other types of stores instead of liquor stores because of regulations like you mentioned. One way you can tell if the alcohol content if good is to take a little bit of your tincture before adding the honey and water then heat it or let it evaporate. Watch it. If the tincture starts to turn cloudy then start separating then it's 151 or less.

    Your separation isn't caused by that and it looks like the alcohol was good. That sticky oil is your cannabinoids and it needs to be heated some more stirring often. The heating you've done so far has removed the alcohol so now what remains is to get that oil incorporated into the honey. Heat it at about 190-200°F until that oil dissolves. It may take an hour or two but it should work in. Don't get it hotter or it will crystallize when it cools. :)

    You should also add more honey. A teaspoon isn't enough, maybe a 1-2 tablespoons would be better.
  7. Hey there, thnx for the imput.

    I wanted to try adding a few squirts of alcohol with a spray bottle before doing that and it fixed the tincture. Now it's solid olive green color and it takes a long time to separate, there was too little alcohol left so the oil just blobbed and separated. Nothing sticks to the wall any more. It's working now with 20 drops sumblingualy. I will try your advise next time. Thank you
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  8. I'm learning the lingo with your vids
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  9. That was going to be my next suggestion. ;)

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