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  1. hello eveyone i seem to be having a bit of trouble with me mum. she thinks that the lights are gonna start a fire in my closet. what can i do to make it 100% fire proof and not a hazard at all.
  2. Hello AusToker .... sorry to tell you this, but nothing is 100% guaranteed in this world .... specially when it comes to illegal activity.
    However .... there are precautions that can be taken when gardening indoors with HID lighting;
    Don't overload electrical circuits. Check capacity of timers and switches.
    Confirm all electrical connections, if you're not savvy with electricity ... find someone that is!
    Keep all extension cords (particularly cord ends) or wiring off the floor.
    Keep all flammable material, including mylar ... away from the hood.

    just a few thoughts that perhaps would calm down your mum.

    .... and good luck with the grow :wave:
  3. Easy. Shut down your op and grow when you live in your own house. It's your mom's house, don't grow behind her back or make her uncomfortable.
  4. Find your local hardware store, or check online for a heat safety break. There is circut Heat and trip relay that will shut off all electricity if the certain area gets to a dangerous temperature. Its originally made for lights in ceilings that have insulation over them, but they should be available and any electronics website.

    I am a self employed contractor in the USA, so I know alot about heating and electrical, trust me.

    Make sure all your lines in your grow room are stable and secure. I dont have a heat sensor, but I do have a backup switch that I can flick to turn off all the electricity in my grow closet.

    Safety is really important. You have to smoke weed, not the other way around =P. If danger is a large risk, then growing isnt for you. The risk isnt worth your home or your life, perhaps even your freedom if your caught because of an electrical fire.

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