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    for some reason the utube videos i'm posting won't play anymore. i've done all the standard 'clear cache, reboot, etc) but is something new on the back end that's change recently because of copyright? i'm SOL cuz i love posting videos. thanks! :gc_rocks:

    I'm using the web version with kindle SILK

    i'll try the web version on iphone.

    here's the link i was trying to post

    https //


  2. It means whoever uploaded the video to YouTube set it so the video can't be shared on other sites ect, it has nothing to do with GC being funny/playing u about :laughing:
  3. I think YouTube actually pulled that video.

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  4. interesting! i didnt think GC was playing games but i did think utube might be screwing with everyone else.

    just pulled eh? fihures! it was a great video, a great poem, and a great message. i can not for a second think the video was "anti-covid".

    we are changing everyday with censorship. cant even mention "the _____" .

    thanks for the responses guys!
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  5. I googled the link and it took me to a fb page with a video called "The Great Realisation" and then I found it on this it:

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  6. yes! a wonderful act of creativity.
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