trouble with plants, yellow spots, curly leaves

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  1. Hey everyone, thanks for checkin this out, i appreciate any input. my plants have a very faint yellowing pattern on some of the leaves, i belived this to be due to high ph and i've been watering with a low ph soloution but it seems to be getting worse... the plants and my ph. ph is up around 7 now i know thats too high but i can't seem to get it to go down. I've only fertilized once so far a few days ago because i accidentally planted them in mg soil before i found this site. the temps are around 80, i water them almost daily when the top inch of soil is dry. They have never been watered so much that water comes out the holes in the bottom of the pot (is that good or bad). their main lighting is a pair of 4' fluorescent plant lights (ott light) they also have philips incandescent "agro-lite" plant lights on them. I know incandescents aren't good in general, but i mainly got them because the temps were too low and i needed to heat the room. let me know what you think or if theres any more information i can provide to help the diagnosis.

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  2. You could probably take the incandescents down because they produce waaay more heat than light. You should replace them with some 42w CFL's(125w equiv.) bulbs instead. Or, if you have the money get the 125w CFL (500w equiv) or an HID setup. They are about 20-30 dollars on ebay. You should probably also replant into some new soil. Just get some regular soil mix (no fertilizers). I have a green and white bag of "all purpose planting soil" no particular brand, some perlite, vermiculite, and worm castings. I would say peat moss, but I've heard bad things about pH problems.. Mix 4 quarts soil mix, 2 quarts of perlite, one quart of worm castings, and one quart of vermiculite. Double the amount to fill larger containers. As far as your plant having problems, replant them in good soil soon. The MG soil has time-release ferts in it and you probably burned your plant when you fertilized it. I could be wrong on how to fix the plant, as I'm relatively new to this, so you may want to ask around some more.
  3. The yellow between the veins like that is definately magnesium deficiency. Try adding a half teaspoon of epsom salt per gallon of feed.

    The curling is due to a high ph balance. If they curled while growing under a high PH they will stay curled for a long time if not forever. The new growth, grown under normal PH, will grow straight and normal.
  4. lipioneer hey i hav the same problem as u except my plant is 2 weeks old it looks just like yours except mine is on the fan leaves and also the 2nd pair of leaves that kum out of those. they look like dat first picture u have posted. can u tell me wat u did to clear that up please? if i sound lika newb itz kuz i am lol this is my first grow and i wanna keep it alive

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