Trouble with independent thought

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  1. Gonna keep this brief...
    Ideology,confirmation bias,and hero worship are probably among the most counterproductive thought patterns towards judging the world through your own eyes. It seems to me independent thought is a conundrum because of this information age and the common practice of choosing and sticking to your own ideological "clan".
    So the obvious question is how is one to think and judge based only on their knowledge/values? (if there is such a thing, but for the sake of the question well make that assumption) Is it merely intuition? Is unrelenting skepticism and doubt towards the self the tool for dispelling bias?
    Hope this all makes sense, an issue Ive been mulling over lately.

  2. How can it be? If it is unrelenting then it creates its own bias.
  3. I didn't say that was the end all way I was just presenting some possibilities.
  4. I disagree with the premise that independent thought is the end all be all for progression of thought. I believe that ideological beliefs as well as hero worship are important tools that have enabled humans to progress our thoughts for millenniums. The fact that someone identifies with a group of people is a good thing. It enables group thought, which the internet has proven time and again to be inexplicably powerful. There are countless groups to identify with, and of course many of them are detrimental. That is not to say that some are not. Identifying with an ideology does not mean you are incapable of independent thought, and in many cases the group you identify with is the result of much internal deliberation.
  5. I've been thinking alot about this too, how can you truly be youreslf when there's so many outside factors, such as friends and parents
    who help shape your opinions and thoughts, to even strangers because self-consciousness cause us to over think and not truly be
    ourselves( like; oh i shouldnt be loud here, people would think im wierd) even the government wants to control our views and mindsets.
    Look at propaganda for example. Most people think smokeing weed is bad, NOT because smoking weed is actually bad, but becasue its
    against the law and the majority of people look down on it for no reason... I think to truly find yourself you must practice a type of never
    ending questioning. Dont blindly accept anything as right or wrong, find out the truth for yourself. hey im not saying to try heroin or
    somthing, but find the facts out for yourself, whether by word of mouth, research, and personal experience. I grew up in a very religious
    family never missing one sunday of church, but i never felt a connection with its doctrine or teachings, i never really questioned my own values and beliefs. But ever since ive been smoking- like a year ago- ive approached things with openmindedness. Not just because weed is a 
    mindopenning substance, but also because i decided to see if weed really was this horrible drug thatll kill your brain cells. And of
    course its not, and smoking weed has been one of the most positive things to ever happen to me. Thats exactly what it is, you need to
    be openminded and i think you as an individual will find personal freedom and enlightenment by this.... but hey that's just MY belief :ey:  
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    I dont ascribe to the idea of collectivism inherent in ideology and hero worship for the most part, cooperation is necessary for economic and social success but it must be voluntary through win-win negotiation. Though I will agree there are examples throughout history of collectivism achieving goals, i think the statist "silver lining" tarnishes any results with both hidden and apparent costs.
    EDIT: Though im not saying all ideological groups are inherently statist, but ideology causes a filtered view of the world like Terrence Mckenna put it in this video, dont agree with all of it but its a fun challenge to traditional thinking.

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