Trouble with Happy Frog Soil

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by brisny65, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Months ago I had some plants in plastic 5 gallon buckets in Miracle Grow soil. There were too many nutes in the soil and the plants suffered horrible leaf burn. I know not to use MG anymore. So I got a bag of Happy Frog soil (highly recommended on these forums). I put the soil in the same containers as the MG plants were before. I didn't really clean out the containers after the MG either; but there was no MG soil left, just Happy Frog. My plants in the Happy Frog suffer leaf burn also, just like the MG plants did. Is it possible that the nutes from the MG leached into the plastic bucket and burned the plants which were planted in Happy Frog? I don't know what else to think. I thought Happy Frog was a good soil with a "safe" level of nutes that wouldn't burn the plants. Any ideas? For my next grow I'm going to switch to Ocean Forest and get some clean new buckets. Thanks for any input. BeeBee

  2. It might just be your plants turning yellow, I'm not sure how long you had your plants in the bucket, but the old buckets shouldn't be a problem, especially if there was no mg soil left in the bucket, just clean out bucket and try another plant with the happy frog soil.

    Are you adding any other kind of nutes to your plant?
  3. They're not just turning yellow. The leaves dry up and turn brown, just like with nute burn which I have seen. I have not added any nutes whatsoever to this soil, just used it right out of the bag. Oh well. Time to start some new seeds in a few weeks. I got some new 5 gallon pails. You can find them at the back door of just about any restaurant.

  4. lol nice cop, hopefully these do better, if not then im not sure whats up with your soil because happy frog soil is all organic good shit for your plant nothing harmful.
  5. You have holes in the bottom of the buket ...right?

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