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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by LOTUS, May 9, 2005.

  1. my plants are two and a half weeks old and they are outside. But this afternoon it rained and i looked at them and they all are leaning now. on one i have a 2 lieter bottle that i cut to put around one of my plants and after it rained it leaned and the first leaves stuck to the bottle. Now the stem is straight but after the cotelydons the leaves lean. Will they stand up straight again. Or is not even that big of deal.
  2. just too much water, they will recover..

    now..are they directly in the ground? if not, wat size pots are u using.

    ever think about buying a sheet of plexi glass, and a sort of stand to hold the glass, and making it at a slight slant, that way water drains off the side not effecting the plants

    you will notice improvement after just a few days after u move them where they dont get as much water.
  3. yes they are diectly in the ground. also that plexyglass idea seems good, i might have to try that. But once they get bigger will heavy rain affect them?
  4. Don't forget that water is heavy ! Take a look at the plants around them, they should all be looking sodden and waterlogged after a heavy downpour. :)
  5. when they get bigger they will hold the weight, and should take the rain pour. but now, i would use the plexi glass method and make a stand for the plexi.

    rain on seedlings or babies arent very good, they dont like it at all.. i would get it fixed asap...

    wat are the temps in your area this time of year?

  6. i put plexy glass and it worked fine. The plant looks perfect now. I am in MN so its about 65-70 for a high and 50-55 for the lows.
  7. :D sounds like u got things ass squared away then. goodluck my friend :smoke:

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