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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by MistaBrosky420, May 6, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    So I've been diggin my GC app but everytime I try to upload a picture it just pops up with an error message. Maybe my iPhone 3G can't hang.. Idk just lettin y'all know.

    The Brosky:smoke:
  2. mine does the same, but i have an android phone. i also get error messages when trying to report a post but that is really no big deal
  3. Mhm. I haven't tried to report a post so I wouldn't know but when I do I'll report back.
  4. yeah i get the error when reporting a post.. but when i try to do it again it says "you have to wait x seconds before reporting again" so i always assume they go through.. :confused:
  5. My problem with the app is that it shows me that I have notifications, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what they are. I have no private messages so my notification "number" stays at the top of the app icon.

  6. i think those notification numbers just tell you that there is a reply to a thread you recently posted in

    i turned the notification feature off to save battery life and processor power since the app doesnt have to constantly look for notifications that way
  7. let us like posts from the app!
  8. I'm having trouble uploading pictures from the app too. Says something about memory not being allocated.
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    I had this prob, im on the Droid2 Idk if ur phone or Droid,

    But u gotta use the refresh button alot.
    Refresh to usually get the notify sometimes, but if its got the number and nothing shows up go to the related area: thread subs or messages etc...

    Then refresh again. Its kind of a pain but I was the same as you till I fig it out
  10. if you are on the iphone it took me like half an hour to figure out that the notifications are for subscribed thread replies haha go to more then subscribed and when you open them one by one the number should go down! hope that helped
  11. How do you make it stop sending you emails? App is not included in main iPhone settings...
  12. I used to not be able to reply but turns out i jst didn't kno how 2
  13. It takes me forever to upload a picture, and atleast a few tries. Also, when posting from the app, it will do the loading screen for like 5 minutes, and if I hit cancel, and then verify with a yes, my post is still in the thread. The app will also just close randomly on me when I'm viewing threads.
  14. Yup some shady shit GC. lol no ya but cmon.
  15. Oh it may sound like I'm harsh on it, but this isn't an app appreciation thread. It doesn't run to bad to be honest, it's free and it hasn't even been out to long.

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