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Discussion in 'General' started by Shasta_Lake_California, Jun 24, 2017.

  1. Has anyone figured out why some of us can't upload photos? I haven't been able to since taking a break and returning a few months later.

    Error message says "file wasn't a photo as expected" or something like that.

    What's the deal? Any suggestions besides using photo hosting?
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    this doesn't work for you?
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  3. Wow that's one hell of a fidget spinner!

    My phone is an android and it won't grab the entire URL from my photobucket page for some reason.

    Its a shitty phone and I won't have a new iPhone for about 60 days. I'mjust frustrated because I have a great indoor garden right now and want to share.

    Seems I am not tthe only person this has happened to. I have seen other threads asking about this same thing but with no definitive answer.
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  4. this doesn't work for you?

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  5. No. I get an error message. Even with small files that are .jpg

    Button doesn't work and photo hosting sites are spam kitchens.
  6. I've PM'd ops with no reply. I think its a code glitch in the servers. I'm not the only person it has happened to.

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