Trouble understanding npk and diluting fertilizers - please help

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  1. Say for instance I have a fertilizer that when used as directed (one scoop in a gallon of water) is 10-10-10. Can I take that, and use half a scoop in a gallon, and end up with a solution that is 5-5-5? This is really a novice question but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere. Any help is really appreciated!

    On a side note, I used to use these forums daily in 2008-2010. Since then, we have overcome complete prohibition and have medical cannabis in Oklahoma. It is an exciting time for many new and veteran growers here.
  2. Yeah
    You want a receipt for Master Blend? It's awesome and 80 bucks will last 2 years at least.
    You have to measure with power scales to get it right.
    I just ran it and the bud was so heavy they were just falling all over each other
  3. I would love that if you could send it my way man, thank you for the fast reply too
  4. Regardless of the strength you use, the ratio will always be 10-10-10. The NPK ratio never changes - just the EC.
    Good luck and welcome to GC. :)
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