Trouble sleeping

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  1. Not sure where to put this but this is my fav section so here will do.

    For the past few days I have been having trouble going to sleep. I start to get a feeling in my chest sort of like nervous butterflies feeling but not in my stomach. It's not painful in any way its just not comfortable, then I eventually (after 3hrs last night) I drift off to sleep then wake up like I am being shaken. Imagine if someone grabbed you by the arms and sake you from side to side, this is what it feels like. Then I drift off back to sleep.

    Any ideas? Anxiety?
  2. I would try drinking some special teas before sleeping?

    How is your sleeping environment? Quiet? Clean? Comfortable?
  3. It's fine, if it matters I used to have trouble sleeping. I need to fall asleep to tv playing or some kind of back ground noise. I then started getting panic attacks while I was high and a few carried over to sober. Since then I have stopped smoking weed (kind of wish I stopped when my brain was telling me to get out) Lately I have been feeling anxious and all that.

    Special teas?
  4. If you look around there are teas that you can drink before bed that will make you drowsy. There's even all natural ones.

    Best way I think is to make sure you have a good diet and excersie. Be sure to not do anything strenuous close to bedtime like video games or intense movies cuz that will get your mind spinning.

    Try your best to be relaxed. Believe or not by counting sheep can help you fall asleep cuz it bores your brain

    I would shut off your tv and read a book instead. Tv might seem helpful but it's a distracting side noise.

    This is just from my experiences and thinking. Good luck
  5. Do you use weed before going to sleep?
    I know from experience and research that cannabis has negative effects on sleep after prolonged use.
  6. Try to clear ur mind when a thought pops up instantly and focus on ur breathing learn to meditate it helps a lot

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