Trouble identifying the plant and it's growth timeline

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  1. IMG_1071.JPG IMG_1072.JPG IMG_1073.JPG IMG_1074.JPG Hello my Brothers and Sisters.
    I am from India. A couple of a months back, I observed a marijuana seedling growing out in one of the pots in my garden. I knew what it was and was absolutely delighted to see it. Now it's been almost 6 months I have been taking care of the plant, it's grown almost 6 feet but I hear, sativa usually flowers in the 2nd or 3rd month. I am not sure which stage my plant is in and I don't even know anything about the seed. I am also not sure, how to properly attend to the plant. I am attaching some photograph, and I hope someone here would be able to help me calm my excitement.
    Thanks a lot.
    Love from India.
  2. Definitely a sativa, but no signs of sex yet.
    Sativas take longer to mature, but 6 months is a long time.
    Does it get good sunshine for most of the day, or is it in the shade most of the time?
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  3. Your plant is so tall and slender because it's getting shaded out by the other plants that are right next to it. To produce it's best, it needs as many hours of strong direct sunlight each day possible. Light produces growth and you can't get too much of it. They usually show sex at about 8 weeks. Keep an eye at the point where the stalk meets a shoot (extension) coming off the main stem. If it's a female, you will see 2 white hairs appear (one on each side) and nothing more. If it's a male, in that same area, you will see pollen sacs form and they are very obvious. Hope you have a girl there. I don't know what your light schedule is in India, but here...when the hours of light begin to lessen after the summer solstice, it will kick the plant into the flower cycle. It's especially important at that point that it get all the light you can give it. If it's in a container, a very light and arid soil works best because excellent drainage is key to keeping one healthy. Don't water a container grown plant until you can lift the container and it feels light a a feather. Allow the plant to use the water you gave it last time before giving more. They hate constant wet roots. If you're growing in a container, your plant is probably hungry if it's been there for 2 months. It takes it's nutrition from the soil and over several weeks, will use that up and need more. You can either repot the plant into a larger container with fresh soil and allow that soil to handle feeding for you, or you can opt to feed the plant yourself. For that, you'll need some fertilizer. They like different combinations of nutrients during flower than in vegetative phase, so do some reading on feeding the plant if you decide to go that route. If you can cut back some of the growth that is near the plant and give it more sun...and get lucky and it's a female, you could end up with a nice harvest in the end. But if you keep it shaded out from light, it's going to keep growing taller and taller and taller trying to reach the light it needs to produce. Hope some of this has helped you out a little. Best of luck with it. It's certainly not rocket science, but read up and learn all you can to get the most off it possible. Congrats! TWW
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  4. Thank you The Widow White for your answer, I know more than did I before now. We get really hot and sunny summers(Day-14,Night-10) in here,have almost passed that season though. It's monsoons here now(Day-14,Night-10), and we see the sky intermittey raining cats and dogs this time of the year and this might continue upto August end(Day-14,Night-10 Hours). Post that we reach post monsoons and we get hints of winter till November(Day-12 Hours, Night-12 hours). Thereforth we have full Winters till February(Day-11 Hours, Night-13 hours)
    I am a little surprised as to what caused it to get less light, I was under the impression it was getting the most sunlight it could possibily get. I did add some fertiliser to it a month back, when the plant looked a bit sick and drooping, it responded well growing into what it is now.
    I have shifted the other plants nearby it, and I am hoping it shows some improvement. I'll try changing pots too in a couple of days. This is my first attempt as being a grower and that too by chance, I really hope I don't come out disappointed. :)
  5. Thank you for your response TangentWeed. Yes it was getting a lot of light till last month I am sure, not that monsoons have set it, I believe not as much as before.

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