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Trouble Identifying Stoners?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MacGyverGirl, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. Alright, I live in NEPA at the moment.

    For those of whom that have been in the North Eastern Part of Pennsylvania, you know that 6/10 people who smoke pot are usually very likely to also be a meth head or cokey. :C

    I love to toke, but the only people who I know that don't do any drugs and only smoke weed are in the family and they work a lot more than I do.

    I also REFUSE to smoke with anyone who does drugs. I don't care if it's my stuff we're smoking, I refuse to smoke with you. Bye bye.

    Especially fishing (nothing else to do around here -.-) while high can be fun at times, but not when you're alone.

    Tips on identifying stoners who most likely don't do other drugs? :/

    Thanks ahead of time.
  2. people buying blunts in stores? lol 
  3. Not everybody who does unmentionables is a bad person because of it, there is a huge problem with pills and meth where I live so I have a similar problem and I used to have the same attitude that you do. You will be surprised that if you talk to these people and don't judge them for what they do you may just find that they are human too. I personally only smoke weed and drink beer on the occasion, and everybody knows that is how it is, and because I respect people who do unmentionables and don't judge them for it I get a lot of respect back from them. I know some that would kick my ass if I ever touched a hard drug. You will also find that a lot of these people don't want to be doing what they do but they do it anyways because they ended up with an addiction; and it seems that the world has a really harsh attitude towards addicts which makes it 20x harder for them to quit.
    Trust me, smoke with some of them! You don't have to do what they do, you don't even have to agree with it; but by ignoring their existence and treating them as a lower life form you are simply perpetuating their addictions.
  4. So unmentionable users such as crystal, hair-o-one or oxie didn't know that shit was addictive prior to using?

    Dude there is no excuse of getting hooked on them short of being administered such substances while in the hospital or something.

    Think about the people they're hurting, did they think about that before demanding really respect?

    I don't give respect out like candy.
    You've gotta earn it.
    Using hard drugs ain't a way.

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  5. anyone can be a stoner... my class president for my last year of highschool was a stoner and we'd blow down in the metal shop.... fun times...
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    This. They harm themselves and others around them for the most part. 

    Not saying everyone that does unmentionables is a crazy monster, just that they make very poor and rash decisions. Again, not all though. 
  7. Oh, the hypocrisy
  8. So you would rather leave them to wallow in their own problems rather then be a role model and a positive influence. No not everybody who does these things deserves respect, but neither does everybody who smokes pot. There are plenty of good people who made bad decisions in their younger years and are paying for it now. Everybody fucks up at some point, I have fucked up plenty of times.
    And are they demanding respect? No. I give it to them anyways because they are human beings as well. I don't associate with the sketchy ones who are involved in sketchy stuff like dealing. However when you watch people that you grew up with fall into addiction while your here not doing those drugs it can be hard to sit idly by and do nothing. And at first I had a bad attitude about it, but when I realized that does nothing I took a new approach.
    My best friend fell into an H addiction and is still working his way out of it right now, he also convinced some other people to try and quit. I was told that if I was not around to hang out with them then they would still believe that there is no better way to live life around here. (it is kind of a hell hole).

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