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  1. Hey everybody so im trying to identify what may be wrong with my plant. Ive looked on different forums and consulted deficiency tables but I can't put my finger on it.

    The discoloration is very localized on the top cola and only a few fan leaves beneath the cola have started to become discolored.

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. What week flower are you on? Mine do that a lot around 5th or 6th week and I just let it go. Someone on here could tell you exactly what it might be. How many ppms and what's your ph?

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  3. Auto Carmelicious
    Hand water once a day

    Honestly my EC is usually right around 2000 give or take 200. So thats right around 1000 ppm. I PH at 5.8 but ive gone down to 5.65 at times. Im in coco. Im probably on week 5-7 of flower at this point. Im keeping a good eye on the trichomes and will cut once they are all cloudy with a bit of amber.

    Off topic, ive noticed that some of my trichs are amber while the trichs around them are sill clear. Its strange that trichomes are maturing so differently given the distance between them. Its got me flustered to say the least.
  4. Yeah I know how you feel. I've only grew one auto in my life and it was a carmalicious auto (freebie)kinda did the same thing as far as the trichs. I'd start giving it straight water myself that far along. Wish I had an answer for ya but I'm sure someone does on here.

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