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Trouble Getting High?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by straightsmokin, May 22, 2010.

  1. I dont know about anyone else but since i have been steady smokin for 2 years now i find it harder to get high everyday. I really dont wanna stop for a few days like ive been told lol does anyone agree, or have another solution?
  2. There are only three things that are certain in life: death, taxes, and t-breaks.
  3. yeah man its your tolerance for sure its mine too. haha
    ive been smoking every day for like three years and sometimes i just cant get high.
    but coming up soon actually it was supposed to start today but i failed
    take about two weeks off probably and you should be good as new
  4. you can go a week or two without weed. especially if you're barely getting high. i understand it becomes a habit for some, and stopping just isn't fun, but it's worth it in the long run. Just remember you aren't truely addicted to weed and never will be.
  5. Unless you have a really addictive type of personality, I have no idea why you don't think you could push yourself to stop smoking for 2 days.

    It's become habitual to you, it's like breaking a bad habit.

    But tolerence is definitely the key to you not getting as high.
  6. Let's not turn this into another addict thread lol.

    t-break dude... Only answer... It's hard, but by got after those two weeks you'll be soarin
  7. lower how much ur using cuz if u cant get high after just 2 years than ur smoking to many blunts and spliffs brah
  8. I hear what your saying, I've been having that but i've been smoking for like 4-5 years and always get either medical smoke or homegrown If your tolerance gets too high you should imo stop smoking for 1 week and whatever it does it helps.
    Just look at it like this you stop smoking for a week and once you start you get wrecked lol;)
  9. Thanks everyone i do need to switch it up and ill try for a week idk if it will happen tho lol
  10. If you do not want to t-break I have 3 solutions :

    1) Start smoking extracts like Hashish
    2) Find better weed
    3) Increase dosage
  11. i just found the solution...toke b4 a real hot shower and when you get out your like whoa
  12. How much have you smoked to build up such a tolerance in about 2 years?

  13. I used to have the same problem and I did a few easy lifestyle changes that can enhance your high.

    1. Exercise, there is nothing greater than being a healthy smoker.
    2. Drink lots of water, helps keep you full so you hopefully won't eat as much when you get the munchies
    3. Try a low fat diet, cut out those munchies or eating junk food. THC stores in fat cells so don't give them a place to stay.
    4. Cut back a little, god knows we all love our shit but it wouldn't hurt to cut back to smoking once or twice a day.

    Hopefully these help
  14. You definitely should be able to take a few days off, and it would totally be worth it if you did. You'd save weed over the t-break (obviously), and you'd get higher off less weed once you started smoking again, so t-breaks are definitely worth it.
  15. I feel ya. Ever since I got my card, I have been smoking nothing but top shelf, and full melt hash. I smoked my last bowl yesterday.
  16. ive heard you can switch strains and it wont affect your tolerance. but i dont think its true. thc is thc. But if its a habbit try k2 or black magic. or crack. acaully no dont try crack.
  17. Start a mango only diet.
  18. this. or just stop for a week and work on gettin some responsibilities that make it to where u cant smoke but a couple times a day anyway. make it something to look forward to at the end of the day, its the best thing i ever did

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