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Trouble finding Mids

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Veggietales, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Are there any other college students out there who don't feel like spending $20 for a gram of weed?

    It seems like my entire college up here in Pennsylvania is dry with mids. However, there is an abundance of dank.
  2. I have an abundance of mids. Way better :smoke:
  3. Same here man all the kids around have too much money so there's really no demand for mids, I just get dank anyway and ill just buy an eighth and waterfall all of it and it lasts me a month
  4. used to think the same way until mids where i am dried up so i was forced to go dank, glad i did and never going back to mids :smoking:
  5. So things are lookin up! maybe switch colleges.. i hear there alot of butt weed near the Mexican border! No offense bro but i dont understand why people want schwag.. if you cant afford it then perhaps dont smoke.. i personally think its a great thing that its becomming hard to find mids and buds of the like. Flood the market with high quality bud, force prices down! Think supply and demand my good sir!

  6. LOL nobody WANTS schwag.
  7. eh, or you can do like me.. prices for good dank buds is far too high.. so i chose to grow my own.. should save loads! and in theory its the legalities are safe.. i risk a felony every time i go grab and ounce.. here in the great state of illinois i can cultivate upto 4 plants and its still just a misdemeanor! Winning!
  8. yeah let me just go switch colleges so i can smoke mids. lmao
  9. Thats what im sayin! ^^^
  10. You won't spend $20 a gram on dank if you buy in bulk dude, save up and buy a quarter or half, if your dealers won't give you a bulk package dealing go somewhere else if there's so much dank around.
  11. heres what you do. grab on oz.. sell 3 quads.. keep the rest.. damn cheap skate.. haha!
  12. Waterfalling??? Thats what we used to call snorting a few drops of water after a night of snortin lines! haha! Talk about a gnarly drip!

  13. [ame=]Waterfall Bong - YouTube[/ame]

    They are very good for conserving buds, get very ripped after a few of these.
  14. new to me! like a reverse gravity bong eh.. If i was 15 again id be all over that.. for conservation purposed i have a dugout and sneak a toke.. actually come to think of it, i think i lost my glass sneak!:eek:
  15. Yea the water goes out and creates a vacuum for the smoke to go into, its pretty fun to do to, try it if u have the chance :p
  16. Grow your own.
    Weed should never cost 20 bucks a gram.


  17. I never said anything about schwag haha. I simply want mids. $5 for a few smokeups > $20 for a few smokeups that get me really high.

    No I'm not going to go to a college near mexico just to get cheap weed, that'd be retarded.
  18. i was just razzin your berries bro! you say everyone buys dank so do like i suggested. grab an oz.. even at 400 an oz if you sell 3 quads at 120 you get a quad for $40, cheaper than your mids! and much better smoking! dont be afraid to work for that bud!
  19. My town (whole economy and job base is basically run off of the college in town) is actually pretty balanced. I can get great hookups for mids, $5 a gram (really about 1.6g), or $20 a gram for dank. I don't have a full time job and I'm a student so I prefer to just get mids and occasionally i'll grab some dank :)
  20. At my school people only want dank. The guy I grab ounces of dank off of also has ounces of dro for like $250ish maybe lower maybe a little bit higher. I never buy it though.

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