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Trouble finding a hookup..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tremellow, May 6, 2011.

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    So a brief history of myself might be necessary to fully comprehend my situation. Basically i have lived my entire life blessed with the luck of having the buddha leaf come to me. While in high school many of my friends just happened to be pot-heads and thus I just had an easy time gaining access to the buddha. However I failed to make any real connections myself. Now i have lurked this site in for a few years now. I know that this is a humble community so I thought I would post my dilemma here in hopes for a response from the best in the game.

    So i just moved to the Valley about a year ago and have not had my own stash since. Reason? I just don't know where to begin! Who should i ask? How should i ask? It might be worth noting I have a sort of anxiety attack when i'm meet new people (One of the reasons i enjoy smoking so much, it chills me out and makes me an all around better person imo)

    I know your all thinking "what's with this guy" but i'm in desperate need of direction.

    Thx in advanced!
  2. Whereever you go often enough to talk to people on a fairly regular basis, be it school, work, anywhere else, there will be people who know where to get weed. They might not themselves smoke, but they'll still know somebody.

    You don't have to bring it up directly. Start off casually at first, bring up the topic of marijuana, see how they react to it. If they seem comfortable enough discussing the topic, talk about how hard it is to find a dealer when you move to a new area. You'll find somebody, but you won't be able to do it without talking to them first.

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