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  1. Hey everyone long time lurker, finally decided to join. From the extensive research I have been doing it seams I've found the most useful information from this forum. So hopefully you guys can help me out on this.
    After two years of kicking around the idea I figured you know what I am finally gonna grow two or three plants. I have the area, nutrients, and fertilizer I plan to use picked out. The only problem I have ran into is what strain to choose. I have looked into white widow which was my first choice, but afraid it would not be ready before the frost. I have also looked into kc-45 but after reading about kc brains I realized there not liked to well. I really like the idea of guierlla gold but I cannot find where to buy the seeds at.
    I plan to start growing indoors around middle of April, and moving outdoors to my location when they reach 6 inches in height. I plan to grow these near a stream, on the edge of a field by some pine trees.
    I like the idea of autoflowering, but from what i read some say there not bad while others say there super weak? Some say they yield a ton others say very little. 
    So in a nut shell I need a seed that is for outdoors, that can be harvested by end of September. Going on vacation for 2 weeks in early October. I live In the northeast, Ohio, Pennsylvania area. This being my first grow I want something that is pretty self sufficient, and have a good yield.
    Any help is greatly appertained!

    Get the autoflowing, they can be very strong. 
    See the problem is your time frame seasonally.  Photo period plants will just be coming on when you want to go on vacation.
  3. My father and I are going on a hunting trip out west for 2 weeks. So I don't want to be gone and all my plants be to far gone when i get back. Plus if I can harvest before October it means I will be able to beat the hunters, even though I think my crops will be well hidden. You think autoflowering version of the THC bomb would be the way to go then?
  4. Looking at the auto bomb like you suggested. Help me clear up a little confusion. 

    Its says May-October which is like 140 days, but then it also says 65+ days. How long do you think it will take from seed to finish in my area, being outside with good soil and proper care?
    2nd question it say this for the Yield: Medium (250-400g/m² - 30g-60g/plant)  I'm guessing the first set of numbers is wet weight, and second set being the dry weight? Giving me around 2 ounces a plant.
  5. Don't concentrate too much on what your yields will be...that'll be determined by the grow itself, ie conditions and such, more so than the actual strain...just try to get your plants through to harvest and be happy with that for your first grow...:)
    You could still go with a photo period strain and have them ready early enough...
    Avalon from Next Generation is a notoriously fast finisher...
    That would be great. start a few weeks early indoor and you could be done early as you like. 120-140 days seed to chop.
    The the numbers is the weight as per space, it gives you those figure for the indoor grower, outdoors they are moot.
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    Your right I should be more focused on keeping my 2 or 3 plants alive with it being my first grow. More of a learning experience then anything. I think I will go with autoflowering due to it being easier, more self sufficient, and most likely be done by the time I leave for my hunting trip.
    Can you guys recommend a good potent, durable plant that will be done by end of September. Would this auto bomb, or kc-45 be good?
    Also can you speed an autoflowering plant up?
    I think I will go with one of these strains, which would recommend. Remember I want something that will finish early, be potent, and durable.

    To be honest I dont think any seed breeders waste the time to grow shitty seed.  Or a bunk stain. LOL
    No point in speeding an autoflower up. I will post a picture of 8 week old autos that have about 3 more weeks to go.
    View attachment 1358193
  10. I know it was probably a stupid question but I wasn't sure if you add different nutrients if it would make it more quicker.
    Them plants look excellent! Hopefully harvest goes good for you! Also what nutrients do you use on your plants? I know that they most likely would not waste there time creating dirt weed. I see how some say 10-14% THC while others like THC bomb have 25%. I imagine the strains with only 10% cant overly impressive. 
    They go pretty much on age...and that's just a guideline...I've seen some autos take a lot longer than the breeder says they're going to...
    Check in the journals section for someone growing a strain you're interested in...tons to choose from usually...:)
  12. I have read a lot of good about bomb seeds I think I will go with one of theres, Everyone has good results, and say they have great genetics. I'll head on over there right now and read up on there strains and find the one that best suites me. Thank you guys for all the information. 
    Nutrients? I use the cheapest shit and feed twice. once in veg and once in bloom. I dont believe in brand name shit that you see in the magazines and the forums.
  14. you just saved me some money because i was planning on buying the name brand stuff. Thanks! Everything I am reading on bomb seeds looks phenomenal! I have it narrowed to big bomb and the auto bomb, which would you recommend? Looks like the auto bomb would be quality while the big bomb is quantity? What your guy's opinion on the two.
    Get both.
  16. I'm tempted but since you have to buy 5 of each I'm gonna have to pass. Being my first time growing, and doing it outdoors I don't wanna have plants scattered a crossed the county, lol. I seen the thc bomb auto, would that be the best of both?
  17. Yes get the THC auto bomb and get it on.
    how well are you set up to do the starts indoors?
  18. Sounds good Ill be planting some of them in April. Also would you recommend me keeping them in pots or put the right into the ground? Uhm I don't have and lights or anything right now. I was figuring on putting tinfoil up surrounding them like a box with just one bright light. Would that work to get them started? I only plan to keep indoors till there about 6 inches
  19. View attachment 1339704
    I like the 4 foot shop lights. I put them over the top shelf of a closet.
    As you can see i put some on top of the light to keep them warm till they sprout.
    I was having a hard time putting 53 solo cups on my closet shelf.  LOL Those cups gave me 39 females that are in my veg room.
    Oh and I am crazy.

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