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Trouble burping and gas movements in chest

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Scimitars of Drizzt, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Hey GC, I've been smoking weed for about 4 years now, just using recreationally. Recently, I picked up some bud and I'm getting a really weird effect from it when I smoke it. I'm smoking from a bong, and usually within a few minutes of smoking I can feel chest gas moving around and I have this feeling that I need to burp. When I try to burp nothing happens, the gas seems to get blocked near my throat. It's almost as if my esophagus is swelling up. When I swallow, the spit goes down very slowly and I can feel it move all the way down into my stomach. I can breath completely fine, it hasn't seemed to effect my trachea at all. When I sober up, the effect seems to diminish. Although I have been able to let out a few small burps when it happens, it's not right away and usually after several attempts. This has never happened to me before so I'm just wondering if it may be an effect I'm starting to gain from weed in general, or if it's the strain that I have. (I think it's the strain but I'm not sure, I still need to test it out) I have not yet tried smoking different bud other than the bud that gives me this effect.

    Another thing I noticed when smoking it, is that I can't smoke as big as bongs. My average bong rip is about .2 to .3, and with this stuff a .1 is good enough. It is really weird, it just seems to really hurt my lungs if I try to do a bigger bong. (my first one, i packed a normal, about .2 bong, and I coughed my ass out, feeling a little nautious later on and getting the same, weird chest gas build up feeling)

    Once again, I have never experienced anything like this before in all my time of smoking weed, and like other tokers, I've had at least 100 different types of weed over the years.

    Insights would be very helpful and appreciated.

    Also, I can take a picture of the bud if people want to see, it's some good stuff with really long brownish hairs.
  2. Sounds harsh. Is this your own home grown of from a dispensery or is it bag weed?

    Too me it sounds like poorly cured but very potent weed but it's possible that it could be anything from chemical bug poison to mold. I've been tokin for a while and have never experienced or heard of anybody experiencing anything like you describe.
  3. Maybe you ought to send that shit down the road and pick up a new supplier with diff goods...
  4. Not sure if it has anything to do with the bud, but I've had the same thing happen before when smoking from a bong. To me it almost feels like a ball of gas is stuck right below throat. I usually end up getting it out after a few small burps.

    I always assumed it was from taking too big of bong rips. Drinking some water always helped me a little
  5. Would this bud happen to be really sticky, big stems, pretty dark and has a outdoorish look to it.
    cause i had the same thing happen to me off of this one type of bud in ontario.
  6. This happens every time I smoke. Its really annoying because it makes me paranoid that there is something wrong with me.:eek:
  7. i had this realli bad first time i got baked it feels like bubbles and it makes u paranoid coz it feels trapped and shit and u sober up and release a fuckin huge burp
  8. Yeah, I don't even know, I think it's just something that just happens to certain people. Ever since I originally made this post, it's been happening occasionally with any bud I smoke. So I'm pretty sure it's not from the bud.

    I'm not really worried about it though, it just happens sometimes, and like Fordie said I think it's just from smoking too big a bong.
  9. Sometimes this can happen if you get smoke in your stomach while inhaling, which can easily happen.
  10. It only took you 9 months to reply to your thread haha.
  11. Hahaha :p
    I was just looking back on this thread and I saw this :p
    Anyways, anybody else have insights? This isn't something I'm worried about anymore, it's been happening off-and-on ever since I started this thread. It's pretty much something I just accept. I'm still curious as to the cause. Big bongs and smoke getting in your stomach are legitimate possibilities but I can't be for certain. Maybe somebody with medical experience could explain in depth what exactly is going on. Obviously, some type of negative reaction from your body.
  12. I'm not positive,but I tend to notice it in myself when I take too big a hit and end up swallowing smoke instead of inhaling. I only do it with one of my spoons that has a really deep bowl.
  13. Something similar and very light occurs when I toke after eating alot I usually burp it out no big dealSent from my GT-P5100 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
    Acid Reflux? ..I don't know but sometimes have similar symptoms. Have to burp but hard to, then feel sickish if I don't burp, or cough really hard and burp, but I can barley get it out. Anyone have a definite answer? 

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