Tropical grow room set up. Please evaluate..

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  1. Am contemplating attempting a first grow...
    Please could you critique my planned grow room set up. .....
    I have a small to medium spare bedroom which is about 10x12x10 with a 3 speed overhead fan fixed to the ceiling in the center of the room and a window (not overlooked at all) about 3x4 on one wall.
    My main fear is that it will be too hot as I'm growing in a hot and humid environment. About 40-55% humidity and temps ranging from 20-33 degrees celsius.
    With the fan on max and the window open I'd say the average temp will be in the high 20's during the day and low 20's at night.
    The room gets direct sunlight in the morning from about 8am until 11am at best but the heat is always there. The door to the room will always remain closed for security purposes.
    In such a situation where I need to keep the temp down and the window open what kind of artificial light and what strength should I be using?
    Got a few ideas to control the smell but a grow tent/carbon filter seem to be impractical for this set up due to excessive heat.
    Have looked at using an ionizer grow/gel fresheners ONA PRO GEL GAL BREEZE | GYO Supply to hide the smell from neighbours (town house).
    On failing all this a tray full of gel air fresheners in each corner of the room plus a few on the windowsill is my back up plan.

    I'm currently undecided as to what strains to grow exactly as I have a mix between autoflower and normal feminised seeds. For my first grow I think I'd like something quick and easy but at the same time some of the others are big faves (TD/LSD/DrG) so the temptation is there to load them all in together and see if I can pull it off!
    I assume I cannot grow autoflowers and non autoflowers in the same room unless I put one type in a wardrobe (which is impractical).
    These are my choices....
    Tangerine dream
    Dr Grindspoon
    Afgan Kush Ryder (autoflower)
    Connie Chung
    Blue Cheese
    NL (autoflower)
    Blue Hash
    Blue Widow
    Critical (autoflower)
    Pineapple express

    This is a first grow so all comments/questions are welcome.

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