Tropic Thunder. . .

Discussion in 'Movies' started by blade477, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. is one of the funniest movies i have ever seen, way better than Pineapple Express(which i didnt think was very funny), all I can say is simple jack, go see it!
  2. i'm def gonna go see that shyt on friday looks hot as hell
  3. I just saw it, and I agree: it was funny as hell...fuckin tom cruise made it. However, I liked Pineapple Express better.
  4. i saw this movie last night. it was hilarious. i loved it.
  5. I loved it.

    A great two weeks for those of the "get high on the way to the theater" variety; Last week Pineapple Express and this week Tropic Thunder.
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    I saw this shit last night and i have no idea how you could think this shit was better then Pineapple Express, It was ok but when it was over i kinda wished i had saw Pinapple Express a second time, i know i would have laughed more

    IDK alot of it just came off as lame to me like when tom cruise was dancing around and shit, it just wasnt funny
  7. personally the previews didnt look too appealing to me what so ever. only time ill watch it is when it comes out on hbo or starz and its the only thing on.
  8. that movie was fuckin mad funny
  9. I started watching a xvid and so far wasnt bad.
  10. It's hilarious.. much better than Pineapple Express. PE had a bad ending IMO and overall a pretty dull plot.. probably the worst Judd movie and his only flop so far.
  11. I thought it was gonna be PG-13 but thank god it was rated R
  12. Saw it tonight, it was alright.

    It did better as an action than a comedy, half way through i felt like another one of those "insert shitty title-movie" (like disaster, superhero, etc) and i came into it really trying to laugh but i just couldn't get it out.

    The beginning lost me for a minute "booty sweat wtf"

    Personally i think jack black didn't shine much at all, and with the cast and cameos they had it should have been better.

  13. mediocure movie, the dude line was the only thing I really found funny in the movie, and that was drowned to us in the commercials so, fuck it. I don't believe the hype.
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    Ok so First of all I too saw that movie completly blazed. With some amazing bud.:D
    But... so I go there with some older friends and after smoking we need tickets. (should have planned ahead) My friend jumps out and runs like a retarded penguin back to the car. He hands me a ticket to another movie. Sisterhood of the traveling pants. I'm just like WTF But we go in anyways. As long as the movies are on the same side I'll be OK. I walk up ...SHIT DIFFERENT SIDES its like 10 o clock on wednesday (opening day) so just one lady up at the counter, I do my awsome Juke from the left side of the theater to the right. ( yeah it was that retarded) And fucking bolt down to the other side. ... paranoia's a bitch everytime someone would come in the theater I would hit the ground. O yeah and the movie kicked ass.

  15. ...And so I think you might not be exactly welcome here? But I'm not sure..
  16. Well i saw pineapple express high, and i didnt see this one high so I cant really compare the 2. I found both funny. Tom cruise was just silly and I didnt find it to funny. I woulda though jack black was addicted to coke to heroin. But overall i was not dissappointed


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