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  1. does anyone else find trolling to be.. not funny? i really dont understand whats so hilarious about stuff like that. i imagine some fatass kid chuckling to himself before calling his mom over to help him shit in a trashcan so he doesnt have to stand up (like on south park) when i see someone trying to troll another on facebook and shit. if kids really sit om the computer and act like cockmunches for fun these days... then i have no faith in humanity.
    well.. just my $.02
  2. fuck these things
  3. cool story bro
  4. I just can't understand it, they must have so much time on there fucking hands.
    One Love
  5. You're trolling the trolls right now homie.

    Don't be a hypocrit.
  6. Trolling can be funny sometimes.

  7. u mad bro.jpg

    Lol seriously I hate them too
  8. trolls are good in the right places.

    True story.
  9. It's like anything else in life just have to pick your battles :smoke:
  10. [​IMG]

    amirite? :laughing:

    hahaa JKJK i agree with ya OP although.... occasionally a hilarious troll thread does arrise
  11. I usually prefer casting or jigging to trolling but there's no doubt trolling is the fastest way to cover a lot of water.
  12. I think its hilarious
  13. i do, problem bro?
  14. Trolling is a art
  15. I love trolls.
  16. trolls are usually super hot chicks
  17. rarely is it truly funny. what i hate the most is when people say shit like "u mad bro?".you cant even carry out a fucking conversation with them.

    i hope every trolls wife births a dead baby. they wouldve bought all their baby supplies and id be there to say, "LUL U MAD BRO I THINK U MAD COOL STORY LULZ BRO".

  18. I troll my friends in real life
  19. U MAD BRO? lol :rolleyes:

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