trivia question - what's the next line?

Discussion in 'General' started by fukface, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Ok - just to prove to my friend here that you ppl have class, what's the next line to this famous "poem"?

    Fuck a duck,
  2. screw a kangaroo
  3. screw a kangaroo..?
  4. That's what i waz thinking. Whats next?

    Fuck a duck,
    Screw a kangaroo,
  5. Bang a hippopotamus?
  6. bang an oragatane

    no wait 69 a porcupine comes next lol
  7. OK - I proved my point :hello:
  8. whats your point?
  9. I was just guessing out my ass, never heard this before in my life.
  10. Finger a owl?
  11. Bold is good.
  12. Awwwwlll!!!
  13. Fuck, fuck, fuck a duck
    Screw a kangaroo
    Fingerbang an orangutan
    Man I love the zoo/orgy at the zoo/hump a rhino too/screw your momma too

    The last line may vary. :p

    Someday I'm gonna win Jeopardy with this kinda knowledge. :cool:

  14. I will be your phone a friend?
  15. what is this i dont even

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