Tripsteadys Coco White Widow X Big Bud + Lemon Kush Grow

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    Hi Guys

    So after messing about unsuccessfully with some bagseeds, this is my first proper grow ever!

    Medium - coco coir
    Lights - 400w mh/hps
    Nutrients - Cyco A/B Grow & Flower, Cyco Ryzofuel
    Strain(s) - white widow X big bud, lemon kush
    # of Plants: 2
    So both seeds are feminised and im germinating them in a peat puck.
    20130611_144220_zps8b7ed83c.jpg 20130611_144217_zps21886a3c.jpg 20130611_144226_zpsbf76385d.jpg 20130611_144230_zpscd571bdf.jpg 20130611_144316_zps0f8ba440.jpg 20130611_173803_zps7ccd3b70.jpg 20130611_164347_zps92a75a38.jpg 20130611_160130_zpsdff87abb.jpg 20130611_144322_zps0b8512c1.jpg
    Stay tuned for an exciting 2 months:p
  2. Good luck! Fun times await... Solid setup you've got there mate.  :smoking:  :bongin:  :metal:
  3. Hey guys

    So the lemon kush and white widow cross has started germinating but hasnt sprouted just yet. Might be due to the temperature but it should sprout by the start of next week Im hoping...

    One of my bagseed plants had a major growth spurt , here are the pics for those [​IMG]

    5 weeks old
    20130619_133324_zps45590419.jpg 20130619_133414_zps365102e5.jpg 20130619_133255_zpsfd65514f.jpg 20130619_133236_zps591a8800.jpg

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