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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by weedboss, Apr 13, 2003.

  1. Can n e ov u guys reccomend me any good trippy tunes
  2. lucy in the sky with diamonds
  3. good video :)
  4. good video ?? im confused sensimil
  5. lucky in the sky with diamond has a good video :)
  6. o lmao i thought u meant "good video" as da name ov da tune. i guess im 2 high 2 realise these things *LOL*
  7. Mz.412 - paedophilia cum sadismus

    Mz.412 - Satan jugend pt.1 & pt.2

    Folkstorm - Hurtmusic

    Genocide organ - Klan Kounty

    Brighter dead now - I hate you

    Nic Endo - white heat
  8. pink floyd.
    several small furry animals living in the forest ...blablabla

    fucked up
  9. Mountain Mirrors - Sidewinder, Field of Grass, Voices

    Pink Floyd - the entire Animals album

    Radiohead - the entire Amnesiac album
  10. Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick

    Yes - And You And I

    Pink Floyd - Echoes

    Everything on the Tortoise Album 'Millions now living will never die'
  11. I suppose it depends what kind of music you like, but you can't go wrong with Fairies Wear Boots by Black Sabbath - My favourite song of theirs, although almost any Black Sab song would do the trick!
  12. Sweet Leaf would have been a more obvious choice...
  13. justa second...!

    i cant beleive no one mentioned this song yet........

    White Rabbit - Jeferson Airplane
  14. Some possibilities:

    Glory Box by Portishead, Five Man Army by Massive Attack, Karmacoma by Massive Attack, Angel by Massive Attack, Dissolved Girl by Massive Attack, Dramamine by Modest Mouse, Terrapin by Syd Barrett, She's In Parties by Bauhaus, Exodus by Bob Marley, You're Not Alone by Olive, Tape Loop (Diabolical Brothers remix) by Morcheeba, Shoulder Holster (Diabolical Brothers remix) by Morcheeba..

    ..I think I'll leave it at that. Hope you like [some of] them. :)
  15. feelin good - nina simone


    as time goes by - billie holiday
  16. joe strummer & the mescaleros - yalla yalla
    slightly stoopid - psycho dub
    long beach dub allstars - sensi
  17. thanx 4 ya help guys very much appreciated.
  18. Kottonmouth Kings - Bump
    Bjork - Joga
    Bjork - It's Oh So Quiet
    Bjork - Amphibian
    Bjork - Army Of Me
    Lil Jon - I don't give a fuck
    Lil Wyte - Acid
    Lil Wyte - We Aint Playin
    North Mississippi Allstars - 51 Phantom
    North Mississippi Allstars - Goin' Down South
    North Mississippi Allstars - Drinkin muddy water
    North Mississippi Allstars - Sugar Town
    Rob Zombie - Superbeast

    And for me.. I always get a lil funny when I'm fried..

    Reo Speedwagon - Can't Fight This Feeling
    Survivor - Eye of The Tiger
    Rick Springfield - Jesse's Girl
    112 - Peaches and Cream
    The Presidents Of THe USA - Peaches
    Footloose - Lets here it for the boys
    Billy Idol - You spin me Right Round
    The Muppets - Fraggle Rock Theme Song <--HAVE TO GET THIS!!!!

    And then.. a song.. that is soothing...
    The Beatles - Norwegian Wood

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