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Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by budosaurus rex, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. What's crazy about drugs is they don't directly get you high, they make your brain do things that it isn't used to and that gets you high
  2. Therefore, the drugs get you high...
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  3. Ricky, that you?
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  4. Yes the drugs do by commanding your brain to:thankyou:
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  5. I get the idea of what you're saying but here's where your thinking is flawed. Without the drug, the chemical wouldn't be introduced to our brain, therefore you can not argue that drugs are not the direct culprit to getting high

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  6. Drugs get u high if u gettin a buzz of nothing u should probs go get a cat scan

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  7. I think what OP is getting at is that the "symptoms" of being high that we can notice are indeed the reactions our own bodies have to the introduction of other matter, in the same way that we don't notice the presence of an actual virus in our bodies, but we notice the heat/chills of the fever that our bodies produce to fight the virus, or the painful feeling of more and different kinds of acids and enzymes released in our stomachs to combat bad bacteria...the catalyst is the foreign material, but the symptoms we notice are the result of our own systems' responses.
  8. In the case of cannabis it's not too foreign because our brains already produced cannabinoids. CB1 & CB2
    So no I think we jus feel the effects of different cannabinoids. And how our body reacts to it. What's the difference?

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